ODM frequently visit trade shows to look for new trends for the drinks industry.  Our blogs on Bottle Glorifiers & 100 products for restaurants & bars have proved very popular.  Here are a selection of drinks industry products that we recently saw at HK trade shows.

Whilst each brand has a certain look for their promotional products, what was most interesting at this booth was the wide selection of materials used for POS promos, bottle glorifiers, trays & other barware.   Lets look at our favourites

What other materials do you think would work well for promotions for the Drinks Industry?   Send us your comments

Check out our full, yet shaky, video from the booth.   Maybe we missed a few other promotions from this promotional product trade show.  Rest assured though that ODM are visiting as many shows as possible and checking out various market segments from Duty Free to POS promos at bars to report the latest styles and trends on Drinks Industry Promotions.

ODM have previously commented on trade shows such as VinExpo Hong Kong & the Wine & Spirits fair and we have given case studies on all the giveaways, on-packs & other promo gifts we saw.

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