Lancôme Paris is a French luxury cosmetics brand. Lancôme is part of the luxury products division, which offers skin care, fragrances, and make-up at higher prices. Lancôme is running a GWP promotional product campaign at the moment, offering a gorgeous tote bag to their customers. Simply spend $50 and this tote bag is yours for free!

Gorgeous Tote Bag GWP by Lancome

Gorgeous Tote Bag GWP by Lancome

Promotional gifts with girl appeal

Business giveaways are an essential part of business advertising. That goes for business for all size: from small businesses to mega-corporations. Even business owners whose companies can  afford media advertising agree that business giveaways are a highly effective form of direct advertising.

However, businesses that really want to capture the hearts and attention of women should also stock business giveaways for women, products that every girl will appreciate. Since, your products and services target women, it makes sense  to target them with the right kind of advertising too. Targeted advertising in the form of giveaways for women gives your customers and potential clients one more tangible way to remember your brand.

How can these tote bags improve brand recall?

Tote bag is a great promotional idea. Every women needs one! She might as well use one with your company’s logo on it. Lucky for you, she will use it everyday and it will be a constant reminder of your company.

ODM can help you in many ways to further boost your campaign by coming up with promotional ideas as a giveaway to customers to to promote campaign. You may think of ways to make your brand or campaign stand out from the competition.

Just a couple of words about this promotion in Russian for our Russian followers:

Очередное суперпредложение от косметического бренда Lancôme Paris, с каждой покупкой от $50 и более, Вам дарят сумку в подарок! На сумке в нежных тонах изображена Эйфелевая башня, такой дизайн придётся по вкусу дамам всех возрастов и предпочтений. Кроме того, на всех промо-подарках имеется логотип компании, что повысит узнаваемость бренда и привлечёт внимание покупателей к новой линии продукции.