Freight companies are a dime a dozen, with many strong competitors in the logistics industry. Thus, freight companies need to stand out of the crowd with their services, as well as with their promotions. Wondering how to achieve this? Don’t be afreight! We have the perfect solution for your company to stand out from your competitors. Branded miniature trucks are the perfect way to promote your company!

Branded Miniature Trucks to promote in Logistic Industry

These miniature trucks have an endless potential for your marketing needs. For instance, they can be displayed in offices, or used as a promotional give-away item for customers. This is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and sales. Subsequently, this will attract potential clients and increase your brand’s preference with your current clients.

These branded miniature trucks are customizable in size, shape and color. You can customize the miniature trucks to meet your specifications such that it perfectly fits your brand. An extremely effective way to use these miniature trucks are to model them after your current inventory of vehicles.

These miniature trucks can be used as a custom promotional product for any industry. They are especially effective for freight and construction companies, as there is an endless possibility of vehicles that can be modeled. Just to name a few, branded miniature models of delivery trucks, bulldozers, diggers, construction cranes, and freight ships can be made. These branded miniature promotional models would be an immensely effective way to show off your brand name, as well as what your company can offer to customers.

Branded Miniature Trucks to promote in Logistic Industry

Branded Miniature Trucks to promote in Logistic Industry

Why your company needs branded miniature trucks

  • Brand awareness. These branded miniature trucks serve two purposes, as they are a promotional product which do not only look good, but will be also used as toy by children. This will increase your brand awareness during and after your marketing campaign.
  • Attracts New Customers. These promotional branded miniature trucks will make your brand possess a higher perceived value in the eyes of customers. This, combined with increased brand awareness, is sure to attract new customers to your company.
  • Reinforces Existing Clients. You can offer these branded miniature trucks as a free gift for your existing clients. This is a perfect way to show your clients that you appreciate their business. This would make your existing clients feel important and reassured, leading to strengthened business relationships and increased repeat customers.
  • Increases Brand Value. Offering a branded miniature truck also makes your brand appear more established in the eyes of potential customers. By offering something that your competitors don’t offer, you are also able to increase your brand value.
  • Shows Off what You Can Offer. Using branded miniature models of your current inventory of vehicles are also a perfect way to show off what you can offer to your customers. This is sure to make your competitors envy you!

How we can help your company:

Decided to use branded miniature trucks for your brand? Well, you are in the right place! Here at ODM, we have an in-house team of extremely talented product designers with significant experience in designing creative and innovative custom promotional products. We are also experienced in sourcing and manufacturing. We can design the perfect branded miniature truck or model based on what your company needs. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about how we can help your brand!

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