A pen is always well appreciated as business gift. But what if it wasn’t only a pen? This multifunctional promo product is just perfect to pleasantly surprise your employees or business partners.

Multifunctional promo product - 6-in-1 Copper Alloy Pen

Multifunctional promo product – 6-in-1 Copper Alloy Pen

This multifunctional promo product is a 6-in-1 pen made by copper alloy. Its functions consist of being a ball pen, a ruler, a level instrument, two different kind of screwdrivers and a touch-screen pen.

Besides its utility, it has a very clean and professional design, with an strong branding and customizable potential. You can see from the picture a clear and flat body structure. For us in ODM this means enough branding space for your logo or similar and easily customizable item. Also, it comes in different colours to suit every taste and preference.

Why should you be considering this multifunctional promo product?

  • Multipurpose: this is the key feature of this 6-in-1 pen and the one which makes it so innovative and appealing. With just one little tool you will be prepared for most of the circumstances.
  • Corporate gifts: the multifunctional promo product evaluated, would work perfectly as giveaway in business related events and activities. Businessmen are always looking for pens as they constantly lose them or consume while signing papers. It is a practical small object that will be always useful even after the ink runs out.
  • Raise brand/company awareness: people will then be using the branded pen it for work, that is they are going to advertise your company. They will bring it with them for company meetings, conferences abroad, presentations in partners offices, and anywhere else.

If you are interested in this pen, please do not hesitate to contact us with the reference to the code ODM-1358. We will provide you with our quality sourcing, designing and manufacturing services necessary to help you in your next promotional campaign.

We would also like to suggest you other promotional strategies as POS displays, on pack promotions, gift with purchase and in-store displays.

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