Chinese Visa

Having expatriate staff in China is key to controlling the quality and communicating Western Quality levels to our factories.   Recently one of our interns had to change a Tourist Visa to a 6 month Student / Resident Visa in Chengdu, Sichuan.

This blog is explains the process through which all foreigners must follow in order to switch their status for a long-term visa (any length of stay over a month).

Any individual that is registering for a length of stay longer then 6 months will need to pass a full medical examination (blood test) in order to be eligible for a Visa. This is absolutely mandatory for long-term resident Visa applications.

The process of changing Visa status will take some time since it involves going to several police and immigration offices and waiting in line. To begin you must go to the nearest police station to your apartment to register with them using your tourist visa. Make sure to bring a copy and the original documents of your lease (or your friends lease), your passport (photocopies of Visa and Picture pages), and the document from your work or University stating your purpose in China.

Local Police Station in China

The police officer will take all the necessary documents and fill out a form that you will need to sign and put a picture on the document (the version the police will keep for the records). Picture must be with a white background and measure 35x45mm. The officer will give you a document; with it you can now go to the PSB office (9-12am and 2pm-5pm).

Public Security Bureau in China

PSB stands for Public Security Bureau also known as the Exit and Entry Administration. This is the place where foreigners go to extend their visas or to change visa status or any other kind of paperwork relating to immigration purposes in China.

PSB offices are found all across China. When you go to the PSB you will need to bring your passport with photocopies, identity pictures, document from the police and the document from your school or employer. The officers in the PSB speak a basic level of English. The foreigner services are always found on a separate floor then the services dedicated to Chinese nationals.

The immigration officer will take your paper work and give you’re a receipt of the price for your Visa service.   There is no fixed fee for this service, it depends on the nationality of the applicant and the length of duration of the China Visa.

Once you have recuperated your passport with your new resident Visa you will need to return to the Police station you started off at in order to re-register with your new Visa number. Now you will have no more problems with immigration until your visa expires!

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