Ran out of ideas for Sports promo gift? Check out these funky silicon USB Drives! Customized to the designs you want, whether a mini Sport Jersey or Soccer Ball with country’s flag.

Customized Sports Promo USB Drive

USB Drives have been an all time favourite promo gift across so many industries. Useful and applicable to almost everybody, this is certainly a gift that customers will keep and view as valuable. The customization feature has also become a great marketing tool for companies.

Promotions for Sports Brands

Look at how Nike and Adidas emboss their logos on the  Jersey Shaped Silicon USB Drive. Each time users look at the USB drive, they will be reminded of these brands and the sports products they offer. Definitely a smart move to get free advertising.

Not just for sports related products, you can also have USB drive shaped like Sushi, Car Key or even Christmas Tree. Check out our post on Unique Thumb drive Designs to find out more!

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