This is one interesting promotional gift that you do not want to miss out on – LED Pulse Bands.

LED Pulse Bands

LED Pulse Bands

The LED pulse bands are super strong elastic sport bands that contain 2 LED lights each. These LEDs are sensitive to slight vibrations and will light up. These amazing pulse bands are made out of silicone and can stretch to accommodate any wrist size! The silicone material also makes it strong enough to wrap around shoes. The LED pulse bands come in a wide array of colors and you can choose the one that suits you best!

Why are LED pulse bands amazing promotional gifts?

These LED bands just scream for attention as the flashing lights will ensure that all eyes are looking in your direction. These bands will be perfect for those late night party animals! Simply slip one of these colorful LED brands onto your wrist and get ready to make the world your stage. Wave your arms in the air and show off your epic dance moves to trigger your very own light show! This will certainly help you stand out amidst the sea of partygoers.

Not only are these pulse bands fun to play with, they are also very practical as well! The motion sensors in the LED Pulse Bands will send lights pulsing along with your body movement, making you noticeable even when running in the night. This is a useful for dog walkers and joggers who engage in their activities at night. The light emissions from the bands ensure that oncoming traffic will be able to see them and this can prevent potential accidents from happening.

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