There are two names for this document. It can be called a ‘proof approval policy’ or ‘specification sheet’ which can be shortened to ‘specs sheet’ which we call it at the office.

ODM go through the China factory selection to ensure the right one is picked for the client and their product. This document is to review the client’s design, product and details before going into mass production at the factory. This is the last chance to make changes and once approval is signed, if the finished product does not satisfy the client but follows the specs sheet, they will be at fault. The main reason for this document is to prevent clients from having defects in their custom promotional merchandise. So, it is super important that the approval sheet is clear and detailed about everything.

The specs sheet includes important information such as:

Here’s a template of a specs sheet for our annual zodiac year of the rat socks:

specs sheet

Specs Sheet


As stated at the bottom, it’s important to approve the colours and material swatches using swatch books and colour palettes as the colours displayed in the images might vary in reality. To avoid this, all details have to be thoroughly checked by both sides.

We always guarantee the best services and products at ODM which is why specs sheets are important to us. Our clients do their part in checking all the details, requesting any changes and making edits to the document to make sure everything is perfect and on track. Our in-ouse design team Mindsparkz are the people behind specs sheets to ensure the client sees an example of their products.

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