There is a huge demand for PPE or Personal Protective Equipment due to COVID-19. Many factories have started manufacturing PPE but, some are not specialized to manufacture such products. To ensure that the PPE are medical grade and safe to use, manufacturers are required to provide certificates indicating that the products are tested and assessed by a Notified Body. But, how do I know if their certificates for PPE are not fake?

Certificates for PPE

Certificates for PPE


It can be very difficult to distinguish a fake certificate from a genuine one. So, if an EU client goes ahead with the product without first making sure if the certificates are not fake, they will have issues with the customs and will not be able to import the merchandise.


What certificates are we looking for?

The Declaration on Conformity (DoC) is an important document required when importing protective equipment. The manufacturer shall declare in the document that the PPE they provide meets all European regulatory requirements. If the products are imported from outside the EU, the importer has to make sure that the manufacturer has done a conformity assessment.

What is a conformity assessment and why is it important? Conformity assessments are done to ensure that all the legal requirements are met and necessary testings are done before the products are sold. There are different PPE categories and each category is subject to different assessments with Category II and III PPE requiring CE-type examination by a Notified Body. Once completed, the manufacturer shall compile a Declaration of Conformity. Products that meet the EU standard and have passed the assessment will receive a CE (Conformité Européen) marking.

The CE marking indicates conformity with safety, health, and environmental protection standards for merchandise sold within the European Economic Area. In addition, they can be found in products sold outside the EEA that have been manufactured to EEA standards. (Source: Wikipedia)


How ODM Can Help

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