Coca Cola got customers talking about their newest Christmas campaign thanks to their unique point of purchase promotion. Their pop display literally pops out from the shelf. All the visual elements thrown into the display created a powerful brand message that compels shoppers to have a look at their offerings.

Point of Purchase Promotion

Point of Purchase Promotion

Coca Cola’s shelf display is an excellent example of an effective point of sale marketing. What makes it stand out is the combination of crucial elements such as design, marketing message, and location. These are important considerations if you want your POS displays to garner attention and stimulate sales.

So, how did Coca-Cola manage to pull in customers to their direction and encouraged impulse purchases? And what marketing ideas did we learn from this example that you can apply on your own campaign?


How Coca Cola’s Point of Purchase Promotion Stimulate Impulse Buys

1.Play With Colors – Red dominates the whole display which is hard to miss. Not only does it remind shoppers of the brand, but it also sparks Christmas warmth. If you take a closer look at the display, you will find Christmas-related designs printed on the LED-lighted display, making it suitable for the holiday season.

2. Use Bespoke POS displays – Coca Cola’s custom pop display juts out from the shelf so it is easily noticeable. What is unique with this display is that it has a compartment that holds a can. In a way, it serves as a glorifier that allows the can to stand out. Doing so helped distinguish their products from the rest. It certainly drew our attention away from competitor brands and into their display.

Point of Purchase Promotion

Point of Purchase Promotion

3. Relevance – Christmas is a big deal in Asian countries like Vietnam. People spend Christmas Eve with their families and share delicious foods and lots of drinks. As such, through their LED lighted display, they are encouraging everyone to have a merry holiday with Coca Cola on their table!


Point of Purchase Promotion

Point of Purchase Promotion

4. Clear Message – Through their shelf marketing display, Coca Cola was able to get their Holiday greeting across as they rolled the newest packaging design for Christmas.


Indeed, the promotional display is as important as the product itself. Coca Cola proved it with their unique POP display.

To stimulate impulse buys and encourage repeat purchases are the ultimate goal of point of having a POP display. They are designed to promote your products in a visually pleasing manner. They also convey your marketing message to target consumers in an engaging way.

In essence, they serve as an on-shelf call-to-action that moves customers and influence buying behavior. There are many types of point of purchase displays. Scan your local grocery store and you will find a bunch of marketing displays including banners, retail shelves, custom shelf talkers, posters, and free standing display units. However, this one by Coca Cola stood out to us.

Coca Cola never fails to surprise us with high-quality point of purchase displays. Here are some of their previous point of purchase promotion:


Point of Purchase Promotions by Coca Cola

This elaborate in-store display by Coca Cola turns heads! It is multi-tiered, features a custom lightbox and a custom standee on the side.


Coca Cola energy made a great impact with this bespoke POS display. Spotted at a 7-11 store in Hong Kong, the display resembles the actual product which helps create finer brand recognition.


Shelf talkers are a classic marketing tool that marketing managers should consider including in their marketing mix. This example by Coca Cola demonstrates the power of POP displays in connecting with customers in a personal level.


This branded freestanding display unit commands attention because it resembles a Christmas tree. Timely and effective, this effectively directs customer attention toward their products.


How Can The ODM Group Help with Your Point of Purchase Promotion?

Our team specialize in design, sourcing, and manufacture of custom promotional merchandise and giveaways for business. We have years of experience with making high-quality and effective point of purchase displays and marketing gifts so you can count on us to deliver well-structured services. So, get in touch with our team today!

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