Hello Kitty is a well-loved character by many and its branded merchandise always has a lot of craze and buzz about it. I recently came across this on-pack promotion and custom floor display by Darlie. They are giving free branded glass jars with every purchase of their value pack. Also, there are 4 designs that shoppers can collect. Definitely, it is a smart marketing move by Darlie, as the shelves are almost empty.

Branded Glass Jars

Branded Glass Jars

Actually, many FMCG companies have licensed branded on-pack gifts with purchases to boost sales.  Many enjoy collecting Hello Kitty licensed promotional branded products due to their cute and aesthetic appeal.


Here are a few reasons why we love this On-Pack promo by Darlie:

Drive Impulse Buys

Many people love collecting Hello Kitty licensed merchandise, not to use them, but just as a hobby. Upon seeing this promotion, they would want to buy the bundle just to collect the branded glass jars to keep at home. Also, some shoppers may not even need that many tubes of toothpaste. For Darlie, it is beneficial for them as by capitalizing on this market, shoppers buy more of their products and drive more sales.

Floor Display

Darlie’s retail floor display is a great way to direct shopper’s attention to its product and promotion. The word “Free” appears very prominently, which urges many people to buy their products as they may think of its value for their money.

Also, this can differentiate themselves and stand out from other toothpaste brands as a floor display can boost their perceived value. Shoppers will be enticed to buy their products as it feels more premium. However, these floor display is cost-effective to produce as it is likely made of cardboard or corrugated board, which are cheaper materials.

Plus, being located near the cashier zone, more people will pass by and have a look at their products and on-pack premium.

Branded Glass Jars

Branded Glass Jars


There are 4 designs of branded glass jars that shoppers can collect. Having collectible gifts with purchase promotions attract shoppers to buy more of their products to complete their collection. They also mentioned that the 4 branded glass jars are worth $20, which makes shoppers think they are valued for money.

Branded Glass Jars

Branded Glass Jars


These branded glass jars are low-cost to manufacture in China. They are also very customisable and the designs can be printed on either through stickers or silkscreen.  However, they are perceived to have high value as they mentioned that the whole collection is worth $20.


The branded glass jars can be very useful household items, they can be used to store food or other items. It can also be a holder for stationery or even toothbrushes.

Limited Edition

These custom branded merchandise are limited edition, so this urges shoppers to grab one and to collect all.  As seen in the images, the products are almost running out.


Why merchandise licensing and how to get one?

Branded Glass Jars

Branded Glass Jars

Merchandise licensing is quite popular with FMCG brands, toys, and apparel companies.

A merchandise license benefits both the licensors and licensees. It allows brands to take advantage of popular IP to produce branded products. Plus, they can have an edge over their competitors through product differentiation. In this case study, Darlie has an edge over competitors like Colgate and Systema. Both licensor and licensee can see their brands gained more relevancy, remembrance, and sales.

In order to have licensed merchandise or product for your FMCG brand, you should firstly have a signed licensing agreement with the licensor or company. After securing the rights, the licensee can manufacture branded products with the IP, in return, you have to pay a royalty fee. This can either be a flat fee or a percentage of their sales.

To learn more about merchandise licensing, feel free to contact us and we can help you with that.



The marketing strategy by Darlie is indeed very effective, with the use of licensed promotional products, floor display, and on-pack giveaways. Overall, this can stimulate more sales and also have a competitive edge over other brands.


How the ODM Group can help

Looking for promotional ideas for your next marketing campaign? Feel free to reach out to us. We have many years of experience in the promotional products industry and specialise in manufacturing high-quality promotional merchandise. We have helped many FMCG brands with promotional products, like a branded gift with purchase, custom POS displays, and in-store floor displays. Plus, we have assisted with brands with product licensing.

Our team offers a broad range of services, such as product design, sourcing, sampling, quality control, shipping, and many more. So trust us with your next promotional campaign and we will make it possible!


Most Toothpaste companies usually offer on-pack gifts with purchase to boost their sales. They also have partnerships with licensors to produce branded merchandise. Here are some of the promotions we have found!


Toothpaste Company Promotions

Line is a very popular messaging app in Asia and their cute characters are well-loved. They had a collaboration with Colgate to produce a licensed branded bowl. This on-pack collectible promo definitely creat impulse purchases in Asia.

In Singapore, Colgate had limited-offer on-pack promo gifts. Spongebob lovers are definitely attracted to buy Colgate toothpaste to get the branded mugs.

In Hong Kong, Colgate has custom branded plates in collaboration with B.Duck. Their on-pack gifts are definitely worth the hype!

Colgate had Sesame Street Collectible Bowls as their promotion in Hong Kong. Would you buy their toothpaste to collect all the different designs?

Near our company in Zhuhai, this Chinese toothpaste brand offered colourful gift sets as their on-pack promo. They also had a collaboration with the Frog Prince, a popular cartoon character in China.

Also in China, Colgate and the Discovery Channel had a collaboration to produce branded mugs as gift with purchase to drive sales.

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