Innovation comes in all forms and sizes. With today’s fast-growing technology, it is not surprising to see almost the impossible things. Just like this portable printer pen which is getting trendy in the market. It is a pen and a printer – wow! Check out in this blog how this modern printer pen can help you improve product customization and your daily business activities.

Product Customization

Product Customization

5 Major Reasons to Choose this Portable Printer Pen for Product Customization

With the advancement of technology, there are so many portable and mobile products nowadays. Take, for example, label printers! The launching of this world’s best portable printer pen greatly impacts brands with its definitely helpful features to improve product customization. Let us find out the reasons why this portable printer pen is best to use.

  1. Versatile Tool

    This portable printer pen can be used on any surface and material. You can print on both rough and smooth surfaces and materials such as plastics, papers, textiles, glasses, metals, woods, ceramics, leather, and even in the skin. This printer pen is very convenient to use since it produces results instantly.

  2. Easy to Use

    If you want to print your brand name in your product quickly, then this portable printer pen is certainly for you! With just a few easy steps, you will already get the printed materials. Just download the EVEBOT application on your smartphone, then connect this on your phone via Wi-Fi, type your desired text, print and that’s it! You can now use this to print on your products. Moreover, it is a super-fast print and time-saving because in just a second you have the print already! You can produce great outcomes in a very short period of time.

  3. Handy Printer

    The “small but terrible” printer pen is very easy to handle that you can bring it anywhere. The size of the portable pen is 174 x 53 x 30 mm, a very handy user-friendly tool. For example, if the material in which you will print your brand name is heavy or positioned at the upper place, you can still use this printer pen with the use of your single hand. This is a pocket-size tool that lets you transfer your ideas from the mind to the real world anytime, anywhere.

    Product Customization

    Product Customization

  4. Accessible Inks

    The ink is available in colors red, blue, and navy blue, which are more visible and skin-friendly. There is also available invisible ink, however, it is not skin-friendly. The colors of the ink available for printing are eye-catching to make bold texts and designs. The portable printer pen is using an ink cartridge which is producing a better quality of printing.

  5. Partners in Great Ideas

    One of the great features of the portable printer pen is letting the users create their own great ideas. Since it can be used to print anywhere, you have the power to customize your promotional products through printing. In addition, the printer pen made it possible to decorate your creations depends on your preferences.

Product Customization

Product Customization

Benefits of Choosing Portable Printer Pen

The portable printer pen makes printing instant, yet efficient at the same time. If you want to improve your daily business operations, why not choose the best advanced tool in printing. Here are the advantages of choosing a portable printer pen.

  • Impressive features – The physical appearance and its functions are definitely worth a million thumbs up. The advanced tool has an application that is easy to navigate and a replaceable cartridge. Moreover, it is a multi-purpose printer that can be used on any materials and has well-designed margins for printing position. Though the modern printer is small it can do the big printing job anywhere.


Product Customization

Product Customization


  • Brand and Label Visibility – A portable printer pen is a gadget that will help you to promote your brand name. For promotional products you want to produce, you can customize your ideas. You can print smoothly on virtually anything including customized shirts, mugs, eco-bags, and promotional freebies. It is also artist-friendly because it allows you to create awesome ideas that can engage people. You can be an instant artist with this tool.


  • Increase Efficiency – Time is gold for every business owner and for most people who work effectively. The portable printer pen can execute your creative ideas right away and make tasks quick to accomplish. This modern pen increase the tasks you accomplish.


Product Customization

Product Customization


In Conclusion

The portable printer pen absolutely helps to improve daily business activities. The efficiency of the gadget produces awesome prints and makes your creative ideas come to life in under a minute. Maximize product customization with this powerful tool.

You can instantly decorate your customized bags, custom printed mugs, custom printed face masks, custom packaging designs, custom promotional items, and many more! Interested to get this portable printer pen? The product code is ODM – 3603.


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