Bath & Body Works stands out from the rest of their competitors with its POS Fragrance Display. This custom in-store display allows them to attract more attention to promote their new fragrances. This advertising campaign gives Bath & Body Works more brand exposure and new product awareness. It is an effective way of enticing the customers and potentially increase your sales.


Why Do We Like Bath & Body Works POS Fragrance Display?

  • Visually Appealing – Bath & Body Works definitely stands out a lot more with its bright and colourful cardboard POS Display. The brand offers new floral fragrances and what better way to showcase it than with a garden-themed POS display? The presentation of the products is very important as it the first thing people pay attention to. A remarkable presentation encourages shoppers to make purchasing decisions.
  • Well-Positioned – The POS display is placed at the entrance of the shop. This allows the brand to be noticed immediately and entice more people that are passing by as it is the first thing that they will notice when they go inside. Not only that, it is also the last thing that they will see when they leave. This improves their brand awareness as they see it repeatedly, making them remember the brand more than others.
  • Brand Exposure – Retail display ideas like this one do not only promote Bath and Body Works’ new floral fragrances but also it improves their brand visibility. The logo is very noticeable and well-placed. The option to add a logo is also available to send your message across to your market.

Eye-Catching POS Fragrance Display by Bath & Body Works

What Could Be Better?

Other than using POS Display Units to promote your brand and products, promotional gift sets and custom cosmetic pouch are also effective in attracting customers and boosting sales. 

Want to increase your brand exposure and boost your sales with your own POS Display Unit and other promotional products? ODM Group is happy to cater to your business’ advertising needs. Our in-house team Mindsparkz can guide you with designs to suit your company’s preferences. We can also help source, manufacture promotional products, and product packaging.


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