Paco Rabanne celebrated the launch of their new fragrances for men and women. This line of fragrances, namely Black XS L’Exes offers choices of promotional gifts with purchase. The male option includes a waxed cotton bracelet featuring a black skull design in zinc alloy. The male option for customers in America also includes a black and silver holdall bag with Paco Rabanne’s signature rose and skull. The female option features a black matte cardholder with an embossed skull, attached to a snap clasp chain. Again the American option also has an additional feature. A Paco Rabanne design make up tin for female customers.

Paco Rabbane Promotional Gift Selection

Paco Rabbane Promotional Gift Selection

Why offer a promotional gift with product launches?

Product launches usually involve a lot of hype and PR effort to arouse consumer attention to their product. In the high end fragrance industry, brands launch more than just one fragrance line. What better way is there to maximize sales and promotion of the line than with a promotional gift? A gift with purchase  draws attention to the point of sale area of the fragrance and offers a great incentive for the customer to choose a given brand over other competitors. With fragrances, the actual scent acts as its own unique marketing tool. If someone likes your scent, they will most likely ask which one it is and remember for when they wish to purchase a fragrance.

Now to maximize brand exposure, a promotional gift with high utility value will help spread the brand message and capture a wider audience. Often a brand will contain unique designs or letters that makes it really stand out and be recognised. By branding promo gifts with unique patented designs as seen in the case of the Paco Rabanne bag, the items can then be seen as fashionable and desirable items which further increases perceived value.

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