Nina Ricci UK is giving giving away free tote bag as gwp for their featured fragrance products. Customers will get a posh tote bag when they purchase any fragrance from the Nina & Luna range. Their products are available at John Lewis beauty department.

free tote bag

Free Tote Bag as GWP for Nina Ricci Fragrance

Unlike other promotional products, bags are versatile and useful. They make great corporate gifts and gift with purchase. That’s why companies love to use them for promotions. Here’s a good example:

Curve fragrance used a sleek black sling bag to make a lasting impression on their clients. Customers loved its functional and beautiful design.

Want to improve your brand performance as well? Here’s how a promotional tote bag helped Nina Ricci’s campaign.

Why We Love This Free Tote Bag as GWP for Nina Ricci Fragrance

  • Stylish: Navy blue tote bag looks very elegant- perfect for students and professionals alike. The simple design gives off a modern and clean feel. Customers will definitely love it since it’s practical and very trendy.
  • Branding Opportunity: The tote is perfect for school, office, and shopping. As such, promoting your brand with a tote bag will increase your brand visibility. We suggest printing brand name, logo, or other brand visuals in the front for greater brand exposure. You can use any printing technique as long as the print is clear and recognizable. A good example would be this DKNY metallic tote bag. The brand name is prominent in this promotional tote bag.
  • Adds Value: Like gadgets, bags are perceived as high-value gifts. The use of a stylish promotional tote bag made the brand look more appealing. It’s an  effective way to attract their target market because people love high-quality products.
free tote bag

Free Tote Bag as GWP for Nina Ricci Fragrance

  • Convenient Advertising Tool: Why convenient? Because as customers carry this promotional bag around, they are promoting the brand as well. The bag can be used as a good conversation starter, thereby spreading the word about the brand. It’s cheaper than TV ads or LED billboards.

Giving away a free tote bag can be a great way to show customers your appreciation. You may also want to use a gwp toiletry pouch for brand activation. In return, customers will trust and love your brand even more.

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