Mont Blanc is giving away a weekender bag as a promotional giveaway. Simply spend at least $75 on a Mont Blanc legend fragrance. This promotional giveaway is a great addition to the wardrobe of any men. The bag can be used as a gym bag, a school bag or even for traveling! Your customers will definitely be pleased to receive a multi-purpose bag like this.

Promotional Giveaway: Mont Blanc Weekender bag

Promotional Giveaway: Mont Blanc Weekender bag

Mont Blanc is a German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches, jewelry and leather goods.

Why offer a promotional giveaway to clients?

A promotional giveaway acts as an added incentive to customers on top of the product that is being offered. This promotional giveaway is perfect for Mont Blanc customers because, this bag is very practical and its usage is versatile. This weekender bag comes in a very simple yet classy design, and its material is very durable for daily uses. Most people will love this promotional giveaway because it is not gender specific. Even though it may give off the rugged feel, women can still look good while carrying this.

How does a promotional giveaway help your company?

By offering promotional giveaways, you are giving your customers more value for what they have paid for. It is great for boosting the image and credibility of your company. Promotional gifts are really helpful in attracting new clients and retaining current clients interested. This bag boasts of a large amount of surface area for you to brand your company’s logo or message. It greatly increases visibility and ultimately, will cause more people to become aware of what your company is doing. It is a really good way to maintain good relationship between you and your customer, and to always keep them anticipating. This good relationship leads to effective word of mouth marketing.

We at ODM hope that your company will consider using promotional giveaway to constantly keep your business growing!