How Nescafé Uses In Pack Promotions: Branded Glass Mugs

In-pack promotions are common marketing strategies used by many brands in the FMCG industry. They can be commonly seen in supermarkets and retail stores. Brands and companies can use many different types of branded items for their promotional campaign such as promotional water bottles, socks, collectible gift bowls and even bottle openers. In this blog, we would like to share how Nestle uses Branded Glass Mugs for their in-pack promotions

We would like to share this in-pack promotion we found in a supermarket in Russia from Nescafé, a brand of coffee from Nestlé. Nescafé is giving out custom printed coffee mugs for every purchase of a bottle of Nescafé’s instant coffee.

This is not the first time Nescafe had success using branded glass mugs to promote their products and incentivize customers. You can check out a similar marketing campaign where Nescafé uses on pack custom coffee mugs to keep sales hot.

Branded Glass Mugs

In this promotion, every purchase of a bottle of coffee comes with a branded glass mug with Nescafé’s logo. Furthermore, the in-pack promotion also comes in beautiful packaging, with coffee beans pattern, and printed with the words “For the most precious moments”. The packaging also features colours that are striking to Nescafé to further bring out their brand image. 

Branded Glass Mugs

What makes Nescafé’s In-Pack Promotion Effective?

1. Branded Glass Mugs

Firstly, with this product being a beverage, branded glass mugs would be a great complement to the coffee product. The glass mug will be of use to your customers. Many times, companies provide promotional products that are not highly functional and useful. Hence, it leads to customers tossing them out as they do not have the space to store them at home. This branded cup with purchase can be used at home or when one is in the office. Have your daily cup of aromatic coffee using a beautiful branded glass mug!

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Secondly, this glass mug is branded with Nescafé’s logo, which allows for a striking brand remembrance and brand visibility. With glass mugs placed in homes or offices, they are sure to be noticed by your friends, family, and co-workers. Moreover, constantly seeing the branded glass mugs also encourages them to go for a coffee fix and would potentially consider trying a cup of coffee from Nescafé.

Thirdly, an in-pack promotion suggests that there’s a free gift and who likes to turn down a free gift? Customers are inclined to purchase products that are value for money and a free gift with purchase is no exception. Nescafé’s generous act of giving allows them to receive a larger group of customers who could be hooked on to the aromatic scent of their product.

2. Custom Packaging

Their packaging also plays a crucial part in the sale of their product. Custom packaging is important in attracting your customers because the overall look of a product’s packaging is a factor that consumers look into before purchasing. This promotional packaging stands out among other coffee products due to its colours and prints which are striking at first glance. Besides, the packaging is also printed with words that appeal to consumers. “For the most precious moments” would appeal to consumers emotionally and is a tagline that would be able to connect with them. Make use of unique and creative packaging ideas as it is a brilliant way to market your product!

Check out this reusable custom coffee cup with lid that features packaging and a gift in one product.

How Can The ODM Group Help?

Do you want to stand out in your marketing? There are many marketing tools that companies can use to effectively get their brand out there. Companies often invest in high-quality product packaging and in-pack promotions, just like Nestle did.  However, sourcing merchandise and designing products/packaging may be a daunting task for small and medium companies. But worry not, ODM is here to help you out. We can help from product brainstorming to designing, to sampling, and all the way through actual manufacturing. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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