Unique Creative Packaging Ideas for Cosmetics

With the considerable increase in disposable income over the years, cosmetics have been increasingly popular. Cosmetics are products that people use to cleanse or change the look or smell of the face or body. Some commonly used cosmetic products include creams, perfumes, nail polishes, lipsticks, and deodorants. Cosmetic products can be used by both men and women. With an extremely booming market, here are some unique creative packaging ideas for cosmetics. 

This is a product that our staff spotted in a shopping mall in Russia. It has extremely unique and creative packaging, with the mask placed in a cup and the lid being shaped like a face. Furthermore, the product comes with a straw which makes it look like a custom drinking cup. Do not be fooled by its appearance! In fact, this product is a face mask by a Korean cosmetics company, Dr Jart+. Since we love unique creative packaging ideas for cosmetics, we had to feature this in our online magazine. 


creative packaging ideas for cosmetics

creative packaging ideas for cosmetics

What do we love about this packaging idea? 

Innovative, practical, and compact. These 3 words would describe this interesting packaging in a nutshell. 

creative packaging ideas for cosmetics

creative packaging ideas for cosmetics


Firstly, the design of the lid is intriguing and remarkable. This connotes that the product is meant for facial use. Moreover, it is an uncommon design that is striking and would definitely attract customers to take a look at the packaging. Thus, this could possibly encourage customers to purchase the product. 

Secondly, it is extremely practical as the packaging can be reused afterward. Unlike disposable packaging, this can be reused and upcycled after customers have used the contents. As a result, it brings about increased brand remembrance and brand awareness every time it is used. 

Thirdly, with the product being compact, it is convenient to bring around. Furthermore, creative packaging encourages customers to bring this cup out for personal use. Thus, it brings about finer brand visibility whenever it is used. 


Why are Unique Creative Packaging Ideas for Cosmetics Important? 

creative packaging ideas for cosmetics

creative packaging ideas for cosmetics

With the Global Cosmetics Market expected to reach $428.9 billion by 2022, it is a market that is growing at an extremely rapid pace. Besides, with a market this huge, it is important to gain a competitive edge among competitors. Moreover, with seven large corporations that own over 182 beauty brands, it is important to stand out with unique creative packaging ideas for cosmetics. 

Well, the packaging is a crucial part of a company’s identity and branding, considering the fact that people turn to cosmetics to improve their appearance. You convey your message through your packaging.

Since cosmetics can help build self-confidence, cosmetic packaging can have a profound impact on the mindset and emotions of your customers. 

Unique creative packaging is extremely important to boost sales and revenue. This is because the packaging is a factor that consumers consider when purchasing a product. In a national study conducted by Paper & Packaging Board and IPSOS, it shows that 7 in 10 consumers agree that packaging design can influence their buying decision. Furthermore, the packaging is the first point of interaction that a consumer has with a product.

If you are wondering how cosmetic containers are manufactured? Check out this blog on aluminium tubes cosmetic packaging.

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To conclude, we believe that to stand out from the rest, you need to really pay attention to your packaging. Packaging plays a huge part in branding- an extremely crucial point of marketing. There are many unique packaging ideas worldwide, so there is definitely one that will suit your company! 


How can ODM Group Help? 

ODM Group is a promotional marketing agency that has been operating since 2003. We also have a sister company, Mindsparkz, a creative design agency that can provide assistance in designing promotional products, marketing gifts, and brand packaging.

As a sourcing office, ODM Group has a wide network of factories in China to make your dream packaging design come to life. If you are interested in designing and producing custom packaging for your products, contact our staff for assistance. Otherwise, you can view our blogs for tips, tricks, and inspiration for your next marketing campaign.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some eco-friendly packaging materials?

Corn starch packaging, recycled cardboard and paper, eco-friendly plastic and recycled plastic.

How can I customise my packaging?

Companies can use logo branding or even colours to customise packaging. These can be printed onto the packaging via printing methods such as digital, offset and flexography printing.

What are beauty facial masks made of?

They are face shaped sheet fabrics soaked in serum, which is packed with nutrition. The masks can be made of various materials like papers, fibres or gel.

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