Ever faced a crisis when your dog starts a tug-of-war with your sock? Fret not, Dogs Life magazine is currently offering a free KONG tugger knot toy with every 6 issue subscription to their magazine.

Subscription Gift – Dog tugger knot

This toy comes in 4 different characters – a monkey, frog, lion and moose. The features that sets this dog toy apart from others is that it is made up of varied textures and chewing resistance, cute toy in the centre of the rope and not forgetting, the double sided loops! This is unlike usual ones in the market and if you have 2 dogs at home, you could save on buying another chewing knot for your pet!

This is a rather good item for pet promotions because it is an item that most pet owners’ would have in their home. Dogs Life magazine could have branded their logo on the item to enhance brand recognition and brand recall. Embroidery would be a good method to brand this product as the printing would be less likely to flake or peel off.

With this toy, the possibility of your dog using a sock as a ‘rope of choice’ would definitely be reduced!

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