Animal Shape bag supplier

Purina dog food brand Alpo is currently offering an on-pack eco-friendly doggy shaped bag on the Malaysian market.   Bag comes in two colours just like the food packaging, red and yellow.

This is a very eye catching promotional product that will make dog lover consumers consider purchasing the Alpo products. With Purina showing it’s recycling concerns and understanding of consumers through this eco-friendly bag will of course increase consumers loyalty and faith towards them.

Another great promo for dog food could be this Dog shape folded towel – a previous blog we did on a promo by contact lens company in Hong Kong.

In this case, having cotton polyester fillings in the dog’s head, four legs, and a keyring attached at the top of the head, the dog shaped bag also works well as a plush keyring when it’s not used as a grocery bag.

Other than that, when the grocery bag is opened up, the dog still hangs nicely as a keychain to the bag. With a good amount of branding for Alpo stitched at the side, the colour combination of red with yellow makes a very striking grocery or tuition bag that will stand out against other recyclable bags.

Looking for a customized eco-friendly bag for your customers, contact us and we will work with you on product design and manufacture.