Starbucks is currently offering a purchase to purchase branded luggage tag for 98 RMB as part of their Summer Promotion. This kind of purchase is often used by big companies, Starbucks and it is a great way of incentivise customers.

Starbucks Purchase with Purchase Branded Luggage Tags

Starbucks Purchase with Purchase Branded Luggage Tags

This Branded Luggage Tag is the perfect design for summer with it’s eye catching artwork which makes it stand out and will attract people to purchase. The PU Leather makes it look very trendy, which also gets provided by having the artwork debossed. Also the placing above the Rewards Cards provides its selling as an additional product very well.

Why do we like a Purchase with Purchase Campaign?

  • Incentive Purchase. Costumers will be incentivised to purchase the branded luggage tag, thereby adding to your Summer Promo Turnover. Given this luggage tag is branded, it also offers it’s own marketing ability. Seeing these items out and about will not only show off your brand but also push potential client’s to purchase the tag.
  • Unique Design. The creative, bright and friendly summer design fits perfectly for the current weather and travelling of current or future costumers. This product also allow us a broad range of varieties of the product form, colour and material.
  • Brand visibility. You can see the brand clearly and can recognize it from far away, which will boost the sale on your products. The Luggage tag is also the first thing people see from the luggage as it is pinned to the luggage. So it will be seen by anyone who’s having a look at the luggage, which can be a lot of people at the airport (for example).

If you are interested in a custom made branded luggage tag, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here at ODM we can assist you with the sourcing, design and manufacturing of any custom made  branded luggage tag you may require.

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