BHG is currently having a purchase with purchase. Simply spend a minimum of S$80 in order to purchase a stylish jewellery box for S$10. BHG Rewards and BHG VISA card members only need a minimum of S$60 spent to be entitled to purchase the box at S$10. This promotion can be found at any BHG store in Singapore and is valid till 31 March 2013.

The jewellery box is pink in colour. There are many compartments inside the box, for keeping various kinds of jewellery. There is also a mirror inside the box, which can be used when putting on jewellery.

Purchase with Purchase - Jewellery Box

Purchase with Purchase – Jewellery Box

BHG  is a departmental store in Singapore with 4 outlets. BHG was established in 1994 under Seiyu Ltd, a Japanese corporation. Today, it is a partner of Beijing Hualian Group.

Benefits of a purchase with purchase

Firstly, a purchase with purchase can be used to promote an item. If there is a particular item that is not selling very well, you may consider using it as a purchase with purchase. Customers enjoy purchase with purchase items as they perceive it to having a good deal on the item. Thus, when the item that is not doing well becomes a purchase with purchase, it would naturally gain much attention. This helps to promote the product. Even after the purchase with purchase period has ended, people may continue purchasing that product. This is an effective way to promote an item that is not selling very well.

Secondly, a purchase with purchase increases sales. Although the item on offer is being sold at a discount, the overall increase in purchases of both items would lead to an overall increase in sales revenue. Sufficient research and planning must be done to ensure that a purchase with purchase would lead to an increase in sales.


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