Discover Singapore store in Changi airport is offering travel-friendly earphones as purchase with purchase idea. In this blog we will discuss about how the store is trying to boost its sales.

People are noisy and while travelling privacy becomes a luxury. The first instinct would be to stick the earphones in the ears and ignore what is happening in the surrounding.

Purchase with Purchase Idea : Travel-friendly Earphones

Purchase with Purchase Idea : Travel-friendly Earphones

Lagardère Services Asia Pacific (LSAP) bet on these two main points for their campaign: travelling contest and tech/music attractiveness. As you can see the purchase with purchase idea consists in offering a useful product for a derisory price to each buyer. With a purchase of any product in the shop, the consumer gets the chance to receive travel-friendly headphones for $8.

The headphones shown in the billboard come branded and  in different colours.

Why would this item be a good purchase with purchase idea?

  • Useful: According to studies and what we normally can observe, people spend a lot of time listen to music. Especially when you are travelling log-distance a pair of good and comfortable headphones become essential. This purchase with purchase idea could be very useful to your costumers and the satisfaction of the purchase will lead to higher perceived value of brand and retention.
  • Brand logo is well placed: Surely the logo is printed in a strategic position of this purchase with purchase idea. The external part of the ear pads is well visible whenever your client wears them. That is, walking home , travelling with public transportations, working in the office, training in the gym…
  • Stimulating sales: This is a souvenir shop and it is obvious that the traveller is looking for something to bring home from Singapore. Firstly, the offer is appealing from a financial point of view. The promo says any item, the purchase with purchase idea does not require an high investment and that said, the consumer will be tempted. Secondly, it matches costumers desires to buy something that reminds of the journey as you can see from  the Singapore print and in it is addition useful.

If you are interested in this purchase with purchase idea, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with our quality sourcing, designing and manufacturing services necessary to help you in your next promotional campaign.

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