5 Ways to Engage Customers with Cosmetic Shelf Display

Retail Marketing : Cosmetic Shelf Display

When it comes to retail marketing, there are a lot of sales strategies that a brand can execute in order to stand out. Promotional mechanisms such as shelf talkers and gift-with-purchase are both great strategies to encourage purchase from customers. They also allow great branding opportunities and allows your brand to stand out from competitors in the same retail space.

However, when it comes to engaging clients – retail managers will need to go an extra step. In today’s article, we will be showcasing a Cosmetic Shelf Display we came across in Singapore’s Welcia BHG store  to help us explain 5 ways cosmetic brands can engage with customers.

Customer Engagement : The 3 E Framework

To engage with customers, marketing managers like to use the 3 E framework.
The 3 E framework consists of marketing activities that will Educate, Excite and Engage customers. Using this framework will help assess if your marketing promotion will be successfully engaging, and if it will help create a better relationship with customers.

Why is this important?

Customer engagement is important in order to optimize your brand exposure and recall. Customer engagement helps forge relationships with customers and provide customers with a brand image that they can remember you by. Brand relationships are what help produce loyal customers and encourage potential customers to try your products.

Especially in the Cosmetic Industry, customer conversion is minimal. Therefore retaining loyal customers is important. In order to do so, using Cosmetic Shelf Displays can help optimize your 3 Es.

5 Ways – Cosmetic Shelf Displays

Cosmetic Shelf Display

1. Shelf Talkers

In retail marketing, one of the most difficult problem faced by brand managers is competition.

“How can my brand stand out from our competitors?”. Especially in retail, customers get the opportunity to compare brands side-by-side. However, with so many brands and products in a single store, how do you make sure that your brand and product gets noticed first?

Normally, retail marketing requires  intensive consumer research. Retail managers should ideally be able to understand which part of their store gains more attraction by customers, and how to organize their products. In retail, brands would usually compete for a shelf placement that align with customers’ eye level. Products placed at the extreme bottom and top shelves do not get as much attention, because customers are much more inclined to look at products that are eye-level.

However, the luxury of choosing where your products get displayed are usually reserved for established brands. This prompts brand managers to use shelf talkers in order to visually attract customers’ attention to their products. Shelf talkers allow brands to communicate their promotions effectively, and helps Engage customers to check out their product.

Cosmetic Shelf Display

2. Video Digital Display

Using digital displays helps Educate customers about your products. For products that are a little bit complex, having a video created dedicated to explain how to use your product goes a long way. Most often, customers are less inclined to purchase products that they are not familiar with. Educating your customers allows them to understand how to use the products, which in return also allows them to understand how it can benefit them.

The Cosmetic Shelf Display we came across uses a mini digital LED screen to demonstrate how the moisture cream works, and how to use it.
Having this display alongside the product will encourage customers to check out the product for themselves.

Cosmetic Shelf Display

3. Aesthetics

In order to attract customers’ attention, brand managers can incorporate visually appealing aesthetics into the cosmetic shelf display. This element should ideally be vibrant and unique – in order to stand out among other products in the same shelf.

Customers often do a quick scan of an aisle when browsing through a retail store. Therefore, having a striking image, figurine or shelf display will definitely be eye grabbing and invites the customer to have a look.

In this context, the cosmetic brand uses a mini flower wall, in order to align with their fragrant and beautiful cosmetic brand personality.

Cosmetic Shelf Display

4. Product Sample Display Case

With cosmetic and beauty products, customers often prefer trying out samples prior to purchasing the product. While this might be at the expense of the company, having samples reassures the customers that the product works. To prevent customers from excessive sampling, this cosmetic brand uses a sample display case to protect the product. It also gives it a premium look to the display and allows customers to try out your product.

Cosmetic Shelf Display

5. Testiomonials and Product Origins

One way to promote your product is to use testimonials in order to convince customers to purchase the product. Messages such as “Recommended by 86% of Japanese Dermatologists.” implies that the product can be trusted and is endorsed by professionals. Having testimonials is important for cosmetic brands, because people with sensitive skin would rather purchase a product they are certain will help with their skin.

Also, promoting the origin of the product also could help boost your sales. Since Japan is associated with successful cosmetic brands and products, promoting the origins of the products implies to customers that the product was manufactured by an established company. Testimonials and origins of the product can be promoted at the back of the cosmetic shelf display.

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We hope this case study has helped you learn a few tips and tricks brand managers use to promote their products in the retail market. If you’re interested in launching your own campaign, or even designing/manufacturing your own cosmetic shelf displays – contact us, and we will be happy to assist you with your projects.

Otherwise, you could also check out other related articles on our online magazine for more marketing case studies and blogs.

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