This promo gift was spotted in Wal-Mart, Zhuhai, China. Every purchase of a pack of Tom and Jerry fruit candy comes with a coin wallet. The coin wallet is pink in colour and has the characters Tom and Jerry printed on it. The coin wallet can be used to contain small items like coins, sweets, make-up. There is also a key ring attached to the coin wallet, so that the user may hang his keys there.

Promo Gift in China - Coin Wallet

Promo Gift in China – Coin Wallet

Benefits of this promo gift

One of the benefits of having a coin wallet as a promo gift is the increase in sales. Small items like coin wallets are very attractive to children. When children see this promotion in the supermarket, they would ask their parents to buy it for them. Parents, wishing to grant their children’s desires, would purchase the gift for them. This increase in purchases would help to increase sales revenue.

Another benefit of this promo gift is advertisement for the brand. When children use the coin wallet, their classmates and friends would see it. They would ask the child where he got the wallet from. The child would begin to tell their friends about the wallet and how good it is. This is a form of advertisement for the brand, which is more effective than placing an advertisement on TV or elsewhere.

A third benefit of this promo gift is increase in customer loyalty. Children tend to be loyal to those who treat them well. After a child receives the coin wallet, he would think of the brand of candy as a good brand. This would lead him to make repeat purchases as he feels that this is a good brand to purchase prom. Customer loyalty is key. It helps to ensure continuity of the brand. It also helps to ensure sufficient sales revenue.


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