Etude House in Singapore is giving away a coin purse and pouch gift with purchase for at least $60 worth of spending. The coin purse maybe used to store coins and carry them around conveniently. As for the pouch it is useful to store cosmetic products and small accessories.

The coin purse and pouch have an attractive glittery exterior which attracts attention. Find out how the coin purse and pouch is utilised effectively as a promo gift.

Etude House is an established cosmetic and skincare brand with 60 years old history in the worldwide market. With aggressive business development, this brand has a total of 1800 outlets throughout worldwide. This includes Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand and Vietnam which targets the retail chain in shopping complexes.

Etude House Gift with Purchase


Using Coin Purse and Pouch as a Gift with Purchase

The coin purse is useful for keeping coins in one place and bringing it around. It comes with an attractive pink ribbon and furball which will appeal the the female beauty market segment. It also comes with a handy straps which makes it easy to be carried around.

The pouch has a glittery pink exterior that will definitely attract customers. It is also embellished with a ribbon and furball that will capture people’s attention. The pouch can be used to keep small items such as cosmetics or accessories.

How Gift with Purchase Affects Sales

The coin purse and pouch are branded with Etude House logo. This will increase brand awareness for Etude House and more people will know about the brand. It will also boost brand recall for Etude House and existing customers will be reminded of the brand. This will enforce brand loyalty. They will be encouraged to make repeat purchases which increase sales for Etude House.

Customers will also be enticed to spend more than what they usually spend in order to get the coin purse and pouch gift with purchase for free. What do you think of this gift with purchase from Etude House?