Purina petfood, a global company under the Nestle group, have introduced a massive Purchase with Purchase promotional gift campaign in the United Kingdom. This promotion encompasses fifteen gifts aimed at the company’s target audience of feline owners. All of these gifts bare the emblem of World of Felix trademark and are exchangeable for tokens found on Purina Felix multipacks.

As well as the token rewards Purina has introduced a ‘lowest unique bid’ auction through their website. These auctions feature Toshiba Netbooks and Kenwood Food processors, and is a good way of increasing traffic to the companies website.

Pet promo campaign website example

This campaign features many different types of promotional products for the Pet Care Industry including; aprons, tea towels and torches, this blog will now run through these promotional items.

Lets run through these Promotional gifts below…

The Felix Mouse mat is the first of the three products that cost 12 tokens and a payment of £1.99. These are the more inexpensive products designed at catching the collectors straight away.

This mouse mat is ideal for any business trying to promote themselves as it can be an effective way of promotion on a budget. It is evident in this product that the right designcan give an entertaining picture as well as a effective message reminding the consumer of your corporation.

Promotional Mouse Mat

The Felix Filling Station is a lightweight food dispenser for cats, alternatively  this could be used for almost any pets and could have custom made imprints on both sides.

Promotional Item- Cat feeding station

The “Point and Play” Light Toy is the final product customers can get for 12 tokens and £1.99. It is ideal for any consumers especially good for consumers who are likely to be under 21 (e.g. computer games), not just feline lovers.

Promotional Torch Light

For 24 tokens and £2.99 customers can purchase a “Mischief Gift”. This gift is beneficial to both the customer and company as it gives the element of surprise. This allows the company to give any product that is in the same price range as the other 24 tokens, within a large ‘mischief’ concept.

Promotional surprise gifts

The Felix ‘supper time’ towel is the final gift at 24 tokens and £2.99, a tea towel imprinted with the mascot for the company, Felix the cat. This is a nice use of branding, as customers who choose this gift will constantly be reminded to buy the companies products, as well as giving the consumers a piece of memorabilia.

Pet Promotions towel

Also for 24 tokens, but without charge is a donation to Cats protection, a UK based cat charity. This is an interesting promotional product as it allow a donation to be made in the customers name to the charity, and gives the consumer a ‘feel good factor’. By also not charging any money on top gives the company a good reputation as an ethical company, even if the cost may be covered by the consumer.

Example of pet charity promo gifts

The Felix Cosy Cushion is available to customers who collect 48 tokens and pay £2.99 towards postage. This product is perfect for branding as the black coloring allows the white trademark name to catch the eye. This would be a good product for not only companies in the pet care industry, as could be targeted to people without pets as a normal cushion.

Promotional Pet cushion

The Felix Bag for Life is also available for customers who collect 48 tokens and pay £2.99. These bags are also similarly used by supermarkets  and are a perfect way to getbrand recognition and gain brand identity from potential customers. This is achieved by the purchasers taking the bag out with them to the shops, and gives mass advertising for low cost, as seen similarly with plastic bags.

Promotional Bag for Life

For consumers with 48 tokens and £2.99 the Felix Feline Fleece  may be the perfect product.

It gives us evidence of the way that a company can use a fashion trend within amarketing campaign.

This feline fleece is a mat in which cats can sit on and again bares the same imprints as the ‘Cosy Cushion’ which allows the trademark to jump out at consumers.

Promos Feline Fleece

The Felix Padded Paws slippers is the final product for consumers with 48 tokens and £2.99 and is suitable for any consumer, in the pet food industry or any other.

This would be especially good for any product that has a target audience of females 50 + in the United Kingdom’s market.

Promos- slippers

The Felix Portable Cat Tent  is available for customers with 48 tokens and a £5.99 payment. This lightweight tent shows again how fashion trends can be utilized by marketing campaigns to gain custom.

Many consumers may been looking to purchase a Portable cat tent as celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Linsay Lohan are often spotted with their ‘dog handbags’.

Promotional Portable cat tent

For 100 tokens and £3.99 customers can purchase a Felix Supper Time Apron.

The image from the tea towel is used on this product, depicting an old advert giving memorabilia to consumers.

This again is a good use of how a low cost product can be marketed as a high end producton the market, depending on simple elements like the appearance of the final product.

Cat promotional item- Apron

For 100 tokens and £7.99 consumers can purchase a personalized Story Book for the customers cat.

The story book contains personalized poems for the cat and pictures custom made to each consumers wishes.

This makes the customer feel that they are unique, and are important to the company. In addition the company also gives £1 to the UK charity Cats Protection, which in turns gives the company a positive reputation in the customers eyes.

Personalized Pet Story Book

For 200 tokens and £6.99 consumers can purchase a Cosy Felix Robe, made of ‘highest quality deep pile 100% cotton toweling’.

This product gives the appearance an executive gift as it is a high end product, and the second most expensive item a consumer can purchase. The consumer understands this and will feel very satisfied feeling that they have ‘got their money’s worth’ out of the promotion.

Promotional Robe with Embroidery

The final product available to consumers at 200 tokens and £9.99 is the Felix Deluxe Scratching Post.

This product has everything a cat needs all in one place, a tunnel to hid in, a scratching post and a ball on a string for playing, it is the equivalent of a multigym for a cat.

This product gives the impression of a very expensive item making the customer perceive, as with the other 200 token product, they have got their money’s worth.

Feline Promotional Scratching Post

These items are all perceived by companies as involving mid to high costs for production. In reality all of these items can have very low costs if purchased from China with a staff experienced in dealing with Chinese factories, such as the ODM group.

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