Here at ODM we’ve seen hundreds of promotional products for phones. Many are simply gimmicks, however, this product is quite the opposite. It has several genuinely useful applications. If people feel they are actually receiving a functional promo gift, or perhaps a gift with purchase, this will increase brand reputation.

Promotional Products For Phones

Promotional Products For Phones

So, let’s take a look at the features of this product.

Charging cable

How many times have you been out and about, needed to charge your phone, but not had a cable with you? This is a very common and annoying problem. It has been somewhat solved by charging cases, but these are large and bulky in your pocket. This small device lets you charge your phone anywhere you have access to power, without the bulk of a case. You could also carry a power bank with you, to have access to power anywhere, without the need for a long cable. This branded promotional product, paired with a promotional power bank would make a fantastic gift set!

Promotional Products For Phones

Promotional Products For Phones

Safety loop

There’s nothing worse than dropping your phone. Seeing it land face down, and anxiously turning it over to see if the screens cracked. Never drop your phone again, with the innovative safety loop. It allows you to confidently keep hold of your phone wherever you go and makes it possible to take selfies at any angle you desire! Another great thing it allows you to do, is safely hold your phone along with another item as can be seen in the image below.

Promotional Products For Phones

Promotional Products For Phones

Phone Stand

There is a phone ring that can be adjusted 180 degrees to turn into a phone stand.  Hence, you can enjoy watching videos and shows on your phone as you will have a better view!

Car holder

The magnetic car holder on this product is a great feature. It allows you to instantly attach your phone to your dashboard, without faffing about clipping it in. The magnet is simply placed into your car’s air vents, to give you a great view of your phone at the wheel. We see promotional products for phones that are car holders all the time, but none quite as slick as this one.

Promotional Products For Phones

Promotional Products For Phones


What really makes this product great is how all these features have been brought together. Many promotional products for phones are poorly designed. The design here is sleek and makes for a beautiful package. It is small enough not to make your pockets bulky, and doesn’t ruin the aesthetics’ of today’s beautiful smartphones. The product comes with iOS, micro USB and USB type c charging cables, meaning you can cater to everyone. What’s more, the product is specifically designed to allow for your companies branding. The relatively large surface of the product means you can design something people will notice. This will give you great brand exposure. Especially as it’s an intriguing product, people’s friends and family will ask them about it, and remember your brand name on the back.


Why do they make great promotional gifts?

Unique but Effective

Your customers will definitely use this product as it is multi-functional and useful.

Attract Customers

You can have it as a promotional giveaway product. They can also be premium incentive products for customers choosing your brand.  Some customers may be drawn to your brand to get an interesting and innovative product.

Brand Image and Remembrance

This product is really innovative and giving them away at trade shows, can give an impression to visitors or potential clients that your company is really innovative. This product is also premium and can show that your brand is well established.

Employee Gifts

They can also be given as employee appreciation gifts. Giving these premium and specialised gifts to them will make them feel valued. They will be motivated to work harder and continue to be loyal to your company.


Ask us for a quote today…

These promotional products for phones have so many features and benefits. It is something people will genuinely be interested in and will want for themselves! Interested in it? Do reach out to us and quote product code ODM-2851 and we can provide more information about this product and how we can help you customize them according to your branding requirements.

Do you need help with custom promotional merchandise? Our team of designers and merchandisers can help you out with it. ODM has many years of experience in the promotional products industry. Then, we can manage every step of the manufacturing for you. We offer a wide array of services, like sketch design, manufacturing, to quality control.  So, get in touch today to learn more

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