How Did Hi-Chew use a Christmas Candy Display to Give Back?

With the festive season just around the corner, many companies are incorporating the Christmas cheer into their POS displays! Just take Hi-Chew’s Christmas candy display for an example…

christmas candy display

Christmas Candy Display

What We Love About this Christmas Candy Display


Hi-Chew’s POS display was placed at the beginning of the aisle, being in such a prominent position helps to increase the chances of customers noticing the product. It is a great example of how to position your POS Display strategically. 


With Christmas quickly approaching, many businesses have incorporated a festive element into their POS displays, Hi-Chew included! The use of Christmassy elements such as gingerbread men, ornaments and pinecones definitely helped bring a touch of Christmas to the display. The pastel light blue colour also helps to grab the attention in contrast to boring grocery store shelves.

christmas candy display

christmas candy display

Promotes Brand Visibility

A strategically placed POS display helps to boost brand visibility, with the brand name visibly printed on the front and side of the display, it helps customers recognise your brand from far away. 


The Hi-Chew POS display presents a variety of the type of products available by Hi-Chew. This allows customers to have a variety of different options to choose from. Thus, encouraging customers to try out something different as well.

Giving Back

christmas candy display

christmas candy display

Utilisation of a Hotel Staycation Giveaway

In addition to the Christmas candy display, Hi-Chew also included a giveaway for a 2D1N stay at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel in Singapore. It is a great way to entice customers especially during this pandemic where people are not allowed to travel. Staycations are definitely all the rage at the moment! Making this the perfect giveaway to entice customers in purchasing your product. 

Hi-Chew is also offering a consolation prize of 5 Nintendo Switch Gen 2.  This helps to create a pull for kids as well. Not only do kids love candy, but they would also love the chance to win a Nintendo Switch. This will help the brand in terms of the power of persuasion by kids, prompting parents to buy the product for their children.

Overall, the prizes also show that the brand cares about its customers as they serve as a means for the brand to give back during this festive season. 


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