Finding it hard to break the ice between yourself and your customers?  Why not use these inexpensive candy dispensers to win over new customers thanks to these little treats.

With 2011 coming up fast it is time to plan for next years marketing efforts.  Even a small Candy dispensers can make a big impact on clients and can be given in conjunction with other free gifts.  Another take is to use them in shape of your logo or mascot to create brand awareness.

No matter what market you serve – businesseducation, charity these dispensers will surely bring a smile to everyones face.

There are many typical candy dispensers that you can see.  Whether you go for an ordinary design or something more complex it can help in increase your sales.  When recipients want a refill, the chances of thinking about sweets they will be thinking of you..See more Customized Promotional ideas below:

Sports merchandising is massive business. Rather than having regular sports promotional products such as dry fit T-shirts, caps, balls and fitness items we always see in the market, these items will bring a twist to it your promotion..

Something that everyone wants for ChristmasChristmas figurines are an excellent gift-with-purchase or on-pack packaging for your customers. If you are looking for something more environmentally friendly, try out this cardboard candy dispenser. You may also consider adding extras to the items –  2 in 1 sweet dispenser with integrated notepad holder for example.

Everything can be customised and you can start creating your dream promotion by contacting us with your ideas.  Let our designer take your ideas from concept to product, customizing it specially for your customers and delivering the message you want.