Easter is coming soon so chocolate & sweet brands will be surprising us with fun packaging as promotions kick off over the coming weeks..

With Christmas over, supermarkets are fast making space – M&Ms have secured an island in French stores with this packaging. The Snowscape works well throughout winter and the design is not Christmas themed meaning it is not dated like other promotions still seen on the shelves.

A candy dispenser is an inventive promotional product.  It works well for general food businesses, for restaurants and bars and can be adapted well for use in themed promotions. Kids love the mix of toys & candy.  As we can see M&M’s made a fun snow scene of the 2 well-known mascots.

The island display is messy and a proper POS Display would really help.  Luckily the mischievous facial expressions of the mascots almost add to the fun aspect to the promo and display.

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