Get your customers hooked with this stylish custom key hook! It may seem like simple stationery, but it is actually a trendy way of showing off your brand. Its multi-functionality makes it useful for your customers. Moreover, its cute designs make it even more appealing to the eye.

custom key hook

Custom Key Hook


How to Maximize Custom Key Hook Uses?

As mentioned earlier, a custom key hook can be used in a multitude of ways. It is absolutely a perfect stuff organizer. From basic organizing of things up to decorating a home. But in what specific place of your house can you actually use this adhesive hook.

custom key hook

Custom Key Hook


Aside from being a key holder, it is also perfect storage for toiletries such as toothbrushes and razors. It keeps them dry and clean. It can create more spaces for bathrooms, giving room for other toiletries needed. Moreso, this custom key can also be used to hang loofah. With this adhesive hook, toiletries will always have a place to put on.


Avoid cluttered kitchen sink area with this custom key hook. It can help organize the kitchen and make it look cleaner. A key hook can also be used as a pot lid holder, baking gear organizer, and so many more. With this hook, it can be ensured that the kitchen area is safe and clean for food preparation.


Tangled no more. Keep jewelry and other accessories organized with this adhesive hook. Use a custom key hook to décor wall and store accessories. A custom key hook is also perfect to hang towels, bags, and jackets. Avoid an untidy bedroom and keep things in place with this multi-purpose adhesive hook:



Hide the wires and plugs in the office. This custom key hook is definitely a big help to organize a desk. Keep the monitor, mouse, keyboard wires, and charger in one place. Thus, keeping a desk free from clutter can help reduce stress and promotes productivity.

Custom key hook

Custom key hook


4 Custom Key Hook Features

A custom key hook is way cheaper than other organizers. It is also easy to find anywhere in the market. Here are the reasons why people are fond of using it to make their home organized and cozier.

custom key hook

Custom Key Hook

Easy to use

Custom Key Hook has a high capacity and is absolutely strong self-adhesive. It is very easy to install and remove. There’s no need to use nails or do any drilling to attach it to a wall. It is suitable to use on flat surfaces that include glasses, woods, metals, ceramic, and even non-paint walls.

Custom Key Hook

Custom Key Hook

Cute and Stylish

This custom key hook comes from a various design that makes it eye-catching. Moreover, it comes in cute cartoon character designs making it more adorable.

custom key hook

Custom Key Hook

Water and Oil Resistant

One of the good features of a custom key holder is its water and oil resistance. It can endure wet and humid surfaces that make it perfect to use in a bathroom.

Great things come from small ideas. If you are a company that related to home improvement, then this custom key hook would be the best promotional idea for you. Since people nowadays are fond of multi-purpose items, you must always look for something useful things to offer.


How Do You Use this to Promote Your Brand?

With so many applications, these promotional hooks are a great addition to any home and office space. As a promotional product, it has the ability to get your name displayed in areas where people can see them.

Are you worried about your employees’ well-being during this pandemic? Why don’t you send them a corporate gift box? Include these sticker organizers in your collection to delight your customers. This will surely help them become more organized and reduce clutter in their work area. It has been found that having a mess-free and well-organized workstation can boost productivity and focus.

Are you in real estate and would like to thank your clients? Then how about gifting them with these cute customized wall organizers? There are some things that people will probably not buy themselves whenever they are out shopping but would love to get as a gift. And this is one of those things. So go and get some of these customized to reflect your brand or consult a product designer to help you come up with chic gift designs that don’t look very promotional so they can be proud to flaunt your gifts to their friends.


How Can ODM Help?

ODM team offers different services that would help you boost your brand promotion. With a team of experienced product designers at Mindsparkz, we can help you create innovative merchandise, packaging, and displays. We specialize in product sourcing as well as shipping marketing gifts around the globe.

Would this product idea help you get your brand out there? If so, send us an email and quote product code ODM-3513.


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