Lysol has been one of the most leading brands in the cleaning products industry. Recently, Lysol launched its newest sales promotion strategy. Its in-pack merchandise with logo: an adorable health care specialist stuffed toy with their logo and promotional items inside. So, what can we learn from this? How can we, as retailers, boost our branding and sales through merchandise with logo products?

merchandise with logo

merchandise with logo


3 Valuable Lessons from this In-Pack Promotion of Lysol

  1. Timely and Relevant

    With the Covid-19 pandemic, there is definitely a need for disinfectants such as Lysol. The company was able to come up with a timely and relevant promotional item to offer to their customers. In thinking of gift merchandise, Lysol made sure that buyers can relate to it. what did we learn from it? Try to plan for something that the shoppers could easily understand. Aside from this stuffed toy, you can have other promotional items to include in your in-pack promotion. It could be a custom design face mask, a silicone hand sanitizer holder, a custom face shield, or a branded hand sanitizer dispenserCovid-19 supplies are certainly one of the best options during this time.

  2. Unique Merchandise with Logo Attract Customers

    Who would have predicted that a cleaning products company like Lysol will give plush toys as an in-pack gift? In this campaign, they aimed to offer unpredictable custom branded merchandise to their consumers. Something really uncommon yet useful can definitely arouse curiosity from your target audiences. It will promote good purchase decisions towards your brand. Take how Colgate used these custom-printed bowls as their giveaway item.

  3. Gives a Personal Touch to Shoppers

    Through this gift, Lysol has proven why they are still one of the strongest brands. Mommies or elderly women are the ones who most likely to buy house cleaning products. Upon seeing this cute stuffed toy, these buyers could think of their little children at home. Therefore, instead of just picking the item they only need, they will be enticed to get this in-pack merchandise with logo. Lysol appeals to the emotions of its buyers, which is one of the most important components of marketing.

merchandise with logo

merchandise with logo


Benefits of Merchandise with logo

Offering merchandise with logo to your market is definitely beneficial and can boost your brand marketing. Here are the obvious reasons why:

  1. It Introduces Your Business

    If you are a starting business, you should definitely establish a strong beginning. Introduce your brand by giving promotional items with your logo on them. It helps you to create wonderful milestones and a booming impact on the market.

  2. It Strengthens Brand Awareness

    Seeing your logo frequently will make the market aware of your business. It will definitely catch the attention of your target audiences and even the onlookers! Give your customers a unique and useful promotional item with your branding details on it.

  3. Creates an Emotional Connection with the Market

    Appeal to your customers’ emotions. Make them feel good and excited with these branded giveaway items. Getting an in-pack gift can certainly make their day and encourage them to support your business. Thus this could increase customer satisfaction more than you can think of!

  4. Encourage Customers to Buy your Products

    Once you were able to tap these first 3 items above, this comes next. Give them reasons to purchase more products from you! As they find your brand’s authenticity and the convenience of your service, you will gain trust and loyalty from your consumers.

  5. Increase Brand Sales

    Last but not least, more sales will definitely reflect in the succeeding months of your business. Offering promotional merchandise with logo can create strong branding that will set you apart from your competitors.


Our Takeaways

Like Lysol, you can step up and set your brand apart by having an in-pack gift that is exclusively designed for your company. You can definitely plan a marketing strategy that will allure more customers and drive more sales towards your products. Giving in-pack merchandise with logo items will not take so much from you. This campaign will certainly define your brand’s creativity and innovativeness. Hence, marking an exemplary impression to your consumers in the market.


How We Can Help?

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