Everyday new drinks brands are popping up. Therefore, new brands entering the market need to have something to set them apart. A custom on-pack promotion is a charming and fun way of doing this. This adds more value to the product for customers. This will encourage them to choose your drinks brand. Let’s look at this Promotional Bottle Accessory, a sweater by Tito’s.

Promotional Bottle Sweater

Promotional Bottle Sweater

Tito’s designed a little branded sweater and decided to put it on their handmade vodka bottles. We think it is brilliant! First of all, it looks great. Second of all, it stand out from other alcohol brands. Their idea is unique and catchy. It is presented very well on shop shelves.

Promotional Bottle Sweater

Promotional Bottle Sweater

Why is an on-pack offer a great option?

1. Well placed brand name.

Their brand name is perfectly placed. It’s above the logo and printed in black which makes a perfect contrast to white part of the sweater. It’s well visible.

2. Matching logo.

We like that they put the logo in the exactly same place as on the bottle. This repetition is a good strategy. You can never promote your brand logo enough! In this case you can see one logo on the bottle and one above on the sweater that covers the top of it.

3. Size.

We believe that the size of this promotional sweater is made on purpose. Therefore, it doesn’t cover the bottle. In other words, they didn’t completely change the product’s appearance. This little sweater looks cute and surely grabs people’s attention.


This kind of promotion isn’t expensive. They not only made a brilliant on-pack promotion. Indeed, it didn’t cost much. It’s worth being creative in a way to save your company budget.

What Did We Learn From Their Campaign?

If you want to save money on your next promotional campaign take an example from Tito’s. We answered the question “why is an on-pack offer a great option?” . The factors outlined are essential as a guide to using a promotional bottle accessory. This could be the major point for sales increase.

Promotional Bottle Sweater

Promotional Bottle Sweater

In conclusion…

In today’s market there is a lot of new competitors. It is essential to stand out to keep business. However, it means you need to be open minded and create a catchy promotional campaign which will gain you customers.

How ODM can help?

Enquire at The ODM Group to learn more about how we can vastly improve your business. Our product designers will be able to give you unique and interesting ideas for you to wow your audience and increase brand recognition. Our designers and merchandisers will aid you from product brainstorming all the way through the designing and manufacturing stage!

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