The Tennessee classic Jack Daniel’s had an exceptional drinks promotion idea in Tokyo, by giving away gifts to consumers with bottle purchases. These gifts varied from baseball hats and clothes to a grill or suitcase. By upholding the brand reputation, Jack Daniel’s is trying to stay ahead of its competitors.

Not only will consumers enjoy their drink, but also a brand new gift included with it. When buying one bottle, consumers can get from 1 to 4 points. Buying in bulk will be key, as more points collected will lead to the best gifts Jack Daniel’s has to offer.

Drinks Promotion Idea - Jack Daniel's GWP Campaign in Tokyo

Drinks Promotion Idea – Jack Daniel’s GWP Campaign in Tokyo

This drinks promotion idea is at the alcohol section of supermarkets and because not all alcoholic drinks are doing this yet, it will immediately stand out to any consumer. Something new and unique will be able to successfully capture consumer’s attention, rather than a promotional campaign that is commonly used by brands.

Drinks Promotions - Jack Daniel's GWP Campaign in Tokyo 2

Drinks Promotion Idea – Jack Daniel’s GWP Campaign in Tokyo 2

Customers were surprised by the generous gifts available when buying the bottles. That was Jack Daniels’ way of saying “Thank you for your loyalty”.

Drinks Promotions - Jack Daniel's GWP Campaign in Tokyo 3

Drinks Promotion Idea – Jack Daniel’s GWP Campaign in Tokyo

What kind of gift can you get with these gifts promotion idea?

The free gifts customers got varied depending on how many bottles they were buying:

  • What better way of showing your love for your favourite Whiskey than to carry a beach bag with the brand’s logo on it!
  • Nothing spells get-togethers like a barbecue session. Barbecues get family and friends together, so if you want to spend a weekend with loved ones, a barbecue is a good shout.
  • Umbrellas were also one of the gifts you could earn with only 14 points!
  • People were also interested in the high-quality and trendy suitcase that was being offered.
  • A black backpack was also one of the drinks promotion ideas for a gift, which would be useful for school or work.
  • Hoodies and sweatpants were also given away. Whether you’re into fitness or comfortable cloth wear, this sort of thing would appeal to you.
  • Caps were another one of the gifts you could get from buying just a couple of bottles. A popular fashion item.
  • Last but not least, branded water bottles were also given away – which are great for everyday use.
Drinks Promotions - Jack Daniel's GWP Campaign in Tokyo 4

Drinks Promotion Idea – Jack Daniel’s GWP Campaign in Tokyo

Why is Jack Daniel’s campaign a good drinks promotion idea?

  • Boost in Sales: A clever way to encourage customers to buy even more and this is a clear advantage over competitors.
  • An effective way to build loyalty: When consumers know a brand is offering them valuable gifts, it will lead to repeat sales, but most importantly demonstrates that Jack Daniel’s are considerate to their customers.
  • Variety: Jack Daniel’s drinks promotion idea made a thoughtful variety of gifts for all kinds of consumers when getting the deal. This gift promotion will appeal to any consumer that buys their bottle.


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