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Hashtag Tracking – Geeks On A Beach Event Philippines

ODM attended Geeks On A Beach last week on the island of Palawan, Philippines.   We are very committed to building our business in the Philippines and will be back next year to look at how Tech can benefit our clients and to see how ODM can grow in partnership with young regional start ups.   Whilst the core part of our business, the manufacture of things for marketing people, may have left some of us feel out of our depth.  You never improve unless you are learning.

Hashtag Tracking - Geeks On A Beach event Philippines

It was interesting to see the roadmap for some young local companies and to discuss how our global coverage and understanding of the physical product development cycle could make us a good partner for some of them.

Hashtag Tracking of Geeks on a beach

We tracked over 400 tweets at the event with the Hash Tag #GOAB. We are really happy to see so many people and companies showing interest in the event and tweeting about it.

Hashtag Tracking - Geeks On A Beach event Philippines

Organisers @GeeksOnABeach tweetes most of the tweets about the event, followed by around 90 others.  Not bad for an event with approx 400 people.  (PS. loved the size of this event since got to meet so many of the players).   Many tweets published by @snippetmedia and @haifacarina.

Whilst we enjoyed the company of Fintech players and some VCs doing some great work supporting start ups, there were some good niche players we could work with in the Educational, AR & advertising space.As ODM ramp up our blogging with content generation in the Philippines, it was also interesting to meet more SEO specialists.  We’ve been blogging and working on our online presence for years.  Just to recap, here are some blogs the ODM group run.

We’ll be visiting Geeks On A Beach next year again and will also visit similar events to keep networking and see, where we can assist and share our international experience in physical products.
We will update this blog with some drone footage and any other news our Twitter Followers might want to add.
We also need to update with pictures of Promotional Products offered.   Loads of pens and even more T-shirts.  The winner was the conference dry bags – we love these so much and they came in Black or Red.
Thanks again and lovely meeting you all…