Have you seen this interesting piece of outdoor advertising? This chocolaty KitKat Bench certainly leaves a deep impression on those who have seen it! This is an excellent example of how to use outdoor advertising to its full effect.

Outdoor Advertising Promotions - KitKat Bench

Outdoor Advertising Promotions – KitKat Bench

Why is outdoor advertising such a good thing?

Outdoor advertising such as posters and the billboards are a necessity for many businesses. They enable a company to drive sales by reaching out to its potential market. Similar to many other advertising tools, this branded promotional product conveys a message.

The outstanding KitKat bench is prominently placed on the street to draw attention to its message. It is encouraging those who pass by to take a break, and probably, have a KitKat too! We love the combination of KitKat’s creative outdoor advertising product and its tagline “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”. Last but not least, the branded promotional product is also effective for creating brand awareness and enhancing brand recollection.

So why not promote your business with some outdoor advertising today?

Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, product sourcing and product manufacturing. We can help you utilize your 2016 marketing budget in an effective manner. Be sure to check out our ever-expanding gift with purchase portal in order to find out some more similar case studies.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how to successfully market a beauty promotional product. Or instead let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand.

Another great alternative is massive custom inflatables – an excellent choice for showing off mascots.

What is meant by outdoor advertising?

The advertising that reaches the customer outside of their homes are called outdoor advertising.

How does Kit Kat plan to draw more attention?

The outstanding KitKat bench is prominently placed on the street to draw attention.

What is the use of promotional products?

A branded promotional product is effective for creating brand awareness and enhancing brand recollection.

How ODM can help?

We, ODM deliver all sorts of promotional items. With years of work experience in the industry, you can always rely on us in terms of product quality.

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