Dove body wash is currently offering an in-pack free gift for its loyal customers. Shoppers will get a free custom soap dispenser when they purchase a 400mL bottle of either Dove Purely Pampering or Dove Deeply Nourishing. We spotted this in-pack gift idea at a supermarket in the Philippines. The gifts come in two different colors: royal blue and pink.

Custom Soap Dispenser

Custom Soap Dispenser

In-pack promotion is a widely used technique in retail. The main goal is to increase sales by incentivizing customers through free gift items included in the packaging. So many successful brands are incorporating in-pack gift items to their campaigns to drive impulse purchases. This is because the free item seduces customers to buy more than they planned to purchase. What Dove did is give customers more reasons to buy this particular product by offering an additional item at no extra cost.

Here’s why Dove’s in-pack free gifts are an excellent marketing idea.


Custom Soap Dispenser: Why Dove’s In-Pack Free Gift Works

Practical Value: The container can be used to downsize large bottles of body wash or shampoo. Customers who love to travel will find this product really useful. With this, they will not have to bring the whole bottle of body wash with them. It is also small enough to fit inside a toiletry bag.

Custom Soap Dispenser

Custom Soap Dispenser

Durable: As the in-pack free gift is durable, it ensures the longevity of Dove’s promotional message.

Stylish: Dove opted for a simple design to add a touch of class to the in-pack gift.

Custom Soap Dispenser

Custom Soap Dispenser

Pretty Packaging: The packaging says it all: “Gift for You.” This adds a personalized touch customers will surely appreciate. It’s simple and straightforward: buy a bottle of Dove Purely Pampering or Dove Deeply Nourishing to get these exciting freebies.


Why You Should Offer a Custom Soap Dispenser as an In Pack Free Gift:


A custom soap dispenser bottle is a must-have nowadays. There is a massive need for personal hygiene items to protect oneself from germs and viruses. Small soap dispensers will encourage people to practice frequent hand-washing. If you like the idea of offering refillable dispensers and bottles for your in-pack promotions, check out the below example. You can also use these bottles to refill hand sanitizers.


Adds Value

People are always looking for ways to save. And getting a free item at no extra cost makes customers feel as if they were getting more for their money. So, when customers feel satisfied with their purchases, they become more open to the idea of supporting your brand and buying your products moving forward.

Inspires Repeat Purchase

As business owners, we want to keep our customers loyal to our brand. Offering in-pack and on-pack gifts are a surefire way to build loyalty and inspire repeat purchases. Once they learned that you are offering a customer incentive through on-pack promotions, they will be more open to the idea of purchasing the products no matter the cost.

Brand Retention

According to studies, people are more likely to do business with a company that advertises through marketing gifts that they receive. This is because promotional items, especially ones that are being used at home helps keep your brand on top of consumers’ minds.

Brand Engagement

Soap dispensers are a must-have in your bathroom. Thus, this item will surely find utility in the hands of your customers. This means increased brand engagement as the customer uses your promotional gift. Furthermore, even if the recipient does not actually need the dispenser, they can still give it away to someone who really wants and needs it.

Promote an Advocacy

We like the idea of offering a soap dispenser bottle because it can be a great tool to spread awareness about the importance of personal hygiene. Hand-washing with soap or using hand sanitizers are our first line of defense against disease-causing viruses and bacteria. So, what can you do to transform this simple item into a great advertising tool? Get your message printed on the bottles or include them in your pandemic kit.


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