SurfStitch is an Australian brand that sells surfing related products. They are currently offering a branded beach radio for free, when customers spend over AUS$200 in a single receipt.

Custom beach radio for market activation -

Custom Beach Radio for Market Activation –

What is the Role of Market Activation Strategy?

A local market activation strategy helps to bring your brand message to life – by engaging customers with your brand. Several strategies , campaigns or any marketing integration can be executed simultaneously in building positive brand perception. Examples would be free giveaways, gift with purchase (GWP) and purchase with purchase (PWP) campaigns.  You would want to tap into consumers passion and create desire for the brand and products. Most importantly, it results in long term trust between customers and your brand, which leads to continuous sales.

How to use a branded beach radio for Market Activation?

Firstly , you can customize the shape of the radio,  to appeal to a specific target market. You can consult our design team for inputs of the design. Company colors can be matched on the branded beach radio so that customers can identify with your company easily. Customization is essential because it brings out your brand identity and differentiates your product among competitors. Appearance of the merchandise, either for GWP or PWP, can be an important factor to customers in finding value of the marketing gift.

Another aspect is branding the product with your company name or logo. As seen from image above, SurfStitch printed their company website on the large flat and highly visible area of the radio. When customers carry it to the beach, their website and brand will be exposed to many. Brand awareness will increase, and consumers who find the branded beach radio attractive knows where to search for it.

Feel free to contact ODM to learn more about branded gifts and how we can help to produce. Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, will be glad to assist you with unique and creative concepts for your project. You can click on the links below for more info on other radio and electronic gift items.