Natural stones are getting more popular with promotional gifts. Read on to find out 5 facts about natural stones and how you can use them in your marketing campaign!

1. Promo Gifts Look Great in Natural Stone

Stones can be used as a kind of material to make any products. It can be made into shot glasses or any other products you can think of! Ever heard of Stone Paper, a waterproof paper made of stones? You could also imagine any kind of promotional jewellery or even your mascot with some real gems on a crown…

natural stone

Stone Shot Glasses

Isn’t it amazing how stones can be transformed into many different products? Let us know what other stone products you can think of or intend to try out. ODM would be able to assist you with this!

2. Natural Stones Increase Perceived Value

Natural stones are perceived as a more valuable gem. Adding the stones onto your promotional gifts would definitely increase its perceived value. People would be attracted to your promo gifts and would be enticed to redeem it.

mix of natural stone

Moon stones, Rosé Quartz stones and Amethysts

Stones can be attached onto any items, such as rings, plush toys, etc. It can instantly increase the value of these items, making it more attractive.

3. Stones Can Be Customised Into Any Shape

Thinking of customizing these stones into different shapes to make your promo gifts more interesting? Fret not. These natural stones can be laser cut into any kinds of shapes or designs you want. Having unique-shaped stones can make your promotional gifts more outstanding and attractive.

Check out these stones that are cut into heart shapes:

Natural Stones Moon

Heart Shaped Natural Stones: Moon Stone

Natural Stones Amethyst

Heart Shaped Natural Stones: Amethyst

Natural Stones Rose Quartz

Heart Shaped Natural Stones: Rose Quartz

4. Power of Stones

Natural stones are believed to have special powers. Litho Therapy can help heal some illness and is good for health. Different stones have different meanings and cure different kinds of sickness.

Natural Stones Amethyst Bracelet

Natural Stones Amethyst Bracelet

Some stones are meant as safety charm to be used as a blessing to one’s health and wealth. Hence, offering your promotional gifts with the natural stones can boost your company’s image. Your clients would be happy that you are concerned about their health when offering these items.

5. A Few Words About Synthetic Stones

A cheaper alternative to natural stones would be using the synthetic stones. However, the quality of the synthetic ones would of course not be as pretty as the authentic ones! Be very careful when dealing with the authentic natural stones. Make sure you request for the company’s certificate to prove the authenticities of the stones. All natural stones have certificates and ensure that you are not scammed with fake stones.

Certificates Natural Stones

Certificates for Natural Stones

Here are some ways that the different stones can be used for! It might be interesting to know what stones to choose before you decide on using it for your promotional gifts.

  • Soapstone – Shot glasses, pots
  • Moonstone – Ornamental jewellery, Small statues
  • Rose Quartz – Pendant (love charm), ornamental jewellery
  • Amethyst – Ornamental jewellery, Bracelets
  • Ruby – Ornamental jewellery
  • Emerald – Ornamental jewellery

After knowing the 5 facts about these natural stones, why not consider employing them in your next marketing campaign? These highly perceived promotional gifts with natural stones could help boost sales greatly for your company!