Are you confused about what makes a great Valentine’s Day Gift for your significant other? Fret not! We are here to show you some of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Godiva is giving away a complimentary copy of Drew Barrymore’s book “Find it in Everything” with any online purchase of $65 and in store purchase of $50 or more. This book consists of a collection of photographs with heart shaped objects! Perfect for expressing your love to your significant other!

Godiva - Valentine's day gift

Godiva – Valentine’s day gift

How special is this Valentine’s Day Gift?

Barrymore shares photographs that she has taken of heart shaped objects over the last 10 years. Not only does these pictures look beautiful, this compilation really gives your significant other the impression of a lasting love that continues.

If giving a book is not your cup of tea, we understand. Your significant other might be someone who appreciates objects that he/she can hug to bed! You might want to consider this stone bear plush for this Valentine’s day!

Valentine's Day Gift - Stone Plush

Valentine’s Day Gift – Stone Plush

This plush comes in various stone options like Amethyst, Moon Stone and Rose Quartz. Each of these stones are said to hold certain benefits as well as powers for those who believe. The main point is, yes it does come in a heart shape, making this plush a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the significant other you love!

Many couples love to have a romantic dinner together during Valentine’s Day. Of course, that is not only a great reason to spend time together out of busy schedules, it can also be a romantic time. So do also consider to give out a heart shaped fondue pot, perfect for any couples gathering together or a romantic dinner time.

Valentine's Day Gift - Heart Shaped Fondue

Valentine’s Day Gift – Heart Shaped Fondue

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