As you may know, Valentine’s Day is THE day of the year dedicated to lovers. It occurs every year on the same day: February the fourteenth. During this occasion, there is a custom that everybody being in a relationship offers his/her soul mate a present. Even though some people really care about picking the right present, the one that will please the other the most, some others just want to show they thought about it by giving a “little something”. Therefore it’s a good occasion for your company to give your clients some products they could offer to the person they love for Valentine’s Day.

Therefore here at ODM we have picked a few products that may interest you, in case you plan to make an advertisement campaign during Valentine’s Day! Some of them are original, others more classic.

Cool Valentine’s Day items

Let’s start with this Heart Key Ring. Easy to offer, it is also likely to be used on a daily basis by the person who receives it. Likewise, these iPhone covers below would probably be used everyday, and they would please any girl…

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Not really original yet always useful: a personalized Tee Shirt. It’s a great promotional gift since you can easily put your message on it (even better if your soul mate is romantic). Home presents can also be appropriate for Valentine’s Day, think about a Mug, or a Photo Frame for example.

Another really interesting present would be this Heart Fondue Pot. You can fill it with Chocolate and then dive strawberries, bananas or anything else. Chocolate lovers will love it.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Another good example of what can be done is this heart shaped box, realized by Lacoste. It underlines the fact that the packaging really matters when it comes to Valentine’s gifts: you can put a lot of products not related to Valentine’s Day if you put them in a heart shaped box…

Lacoste heart - Valentine's Day

Lacoste heart – Valentine’s Day

We also have funny Valentine’s gifts, for people who do not take Valentine’s Day really seriously, but still want to have a thought for their valentine.. The item below can be appropriate and well appreciated, it’s aimed to replace your wine bottle’s cork, and as you can see the part you’re supposed to put in the bottle is supposed to be… I think you got it. We also have the same product as a wine opener.

Valentine's Day wine stopper

Valentine’s Day wine stopper

Of course these are not the only products we can offer for this special occasion. Here is just a list of suggestions that may interest you. If you’ve any request for Valentine’s day (I mean in term of promotional products of course) just let us know, because we would be happy to help you out.