With most countries are currently experiencing Spring and Summer weather and everyone looks forward to a nice refreshing shower. With this in mind, ODM would like to recommend natural soaps as the perfect promotional product for the season. Such promotional soaps works great with low budgets, coming in various sizes (big or small), shapes, fragrances (fruity or flowery) and colours.

The good part about this is that the material (soap) itself is versatile. It does not have a specific shape only but may vary according to customer’s preference. No matter which market you are in, children, spa, body care etc.. carved soaps will do a great job in promoting your company. Promotional or corporate gifts – they work well and can benefit from the myriad of packaging options.

To take this natural soap to a higher perceived value and thus create a higher end promo/corporate gift innovate through packaging.  Even if you have a tight budget for packaging we have come up with various packaging methods that look good and and at the same time save cost.

Packaging can be done simply with pressure wrap and have your logo printed on the wrap along with descriptions of the content.

If you would like to keep the wrap plain, the soap can be carved with your logo similar to the picture on the right. Packaging details can also be added to provide a higher perceived value.

For example a thin rope around the soap like the picture on the left or maybe have ribbons tied around your soap. If you would like to have a small bag, an organza bag to go along with the promotional soap will do the job with just an approximate additional USD 0.20 (MOQ: 5,000pcs).

Need more ideas on natural promotional products? Check out “Brainstorming on Green Promotional Products” or contact us directly to get everything started for you.