ODM appreciates nursing necklace for children, but we believe that there is a better alternative to it. We are currently holding stock for a really lovable healing bear plush. It is one of ODM’s favourite products! Its light brown fur is really soft and perfect for cuddling. It looks so docile and cute that no one can resist just hugging it!

Healing Bear: An alternative to nursing necklace

Healing Bear: An alternative to nursing necklace

One of a kind alternative to nursing necklace

This healing bear is a medium sized one (32 cm), so it’s not cumbersome to bring it around. It also comes with a certain nostalgic effect. Aren’t you reminded of your childhood days when you see this healing bear? The unique part of this healing bear plush is that it is made with natural stone on his chest. You can choose out of three stones, which type of stone you want on your bear.

We are very concerned about safety side of this bear. Therefore, we ensured that the stone has been rid of sharp edges and smoothened out before attaching it on the bear’s chest.

We are positive that this healing bear is perfectly suitable for children (tests have been passed and we ensure Quality Control on every production). This is a safe alternative to nursing necklace for babies.

Healing Bear: Stone

Healing Bear: Close Up View of the stone

What makes this healing bear really unique is that we attach natural stones to the chest of the bear. We hold 3,000 units of bear, with 1,000 of each stone below. Find out what kind of natural stones we use and their various characteristics.

Amethyst Stone

Amethyst is a violet range of quartz, often used in nursing necklace and jewellery making. Some of its believed capabilities are:

  • Remedial of many ailments
  • Amulet of protection
  • Healing and vitality capabilities
  • Drives of insomnia and nightmares
  • Promote internal balance and harmony
Healing Bear: Amethyst

Healing Bear: Amethyst

Amethyst stones are believed to be able to raise one spirits up and to promote confidence. Well, that’s of course! Whose spirit won’t be lifted up after seeing such a beautiful stone?

Moon Stone

Moon Stones are yet another popular choice of stones for nursing necklace. The Romans believed that it was born from the rays of the moon. Moon Stones were also associated Moon Stones with their lunar God and Goddess, akin to a Holy Stone.

Healing Bear: Moon Stone

Healing Bear: Moon Stone

Some of its believed capabilities are :

  • Packed with lots of love and healing energy
  • Supply us with wisdom and intuition
  • Healing discomforts and regulating moods are but only a fragment of its power
  • Have the capabilities to make the wearer feel more secured and also heal the wounds of their hearts

Rosé Quartz

Rose Quartz are simply beautiful, they are however not popular as a gemstone. It is mostly used for ornaments and carved into figurines or nursing necklace. Some of its believed capabilities are:

  • Ability to attract healthy and loving relationships for their wearers
  • Heal own self-love and body image issues
  • Surrounds wearer with love
  • Help with blood circulation and gently easing heart conditions – perfect stone to calm down any overactive toddler
Healing Bear: Rose Quartz

Healing Bear: Rose Quartz

So with these options available for the chest of our healing bear, what are you waiting for? Everyone knows a child or at least someone with a child! So a healing bear makes a perfect gift or sellable item. Besides, handling a bear to a child is much safer than a nursing necklace. The child might swallow or bite the relatively small necklace. Therefore, we find that a teddy bear might be a better alternative to nursing necklace as they take away potential dangers. They are of great quality and we are sure this deal will be a bargain! Contact us immediately to place your orders if you are interested, we will not hold stock very long!