A customized tee is being given away at Bodybuilding.com as a free gift! Simply spend $75 and above at Bodybuilding.com online supplement shop and add this free gift to your shopping cart. What better way to promote something than printing it on a tee shirt? Offering a customized tee is not gender specific, so men and women can act as walking advertisements for your company!

Customized Tee: Bodybuilding.com

Customized Tee: Bodybuilding.com

Bodybuilding.com is the world’s largest selection of Bodybuilding Articles, Exercises, Workouts, Supplements & Community to help everyone reach their fitness goal.

Why choose to brand a customized tee?

Customized tee shirts are great as free gifts because of their practicality. The fact that anyone and everyone is able to use them increases the utility value of the gift. The large surface area available for branding is the cutting edge of offering a customized tee. You can brand a large logo or message and it is made visible instantly. An increased in brand visibility, will lead to an increase in brand awareness.

Furthermore, by offering a customized tee with your brand on it, it reflects a group identity. It really makes a difference especially in communinites like body building where lifting is seen as a common goal. The bigger your community, the more successful your marketing campaign will be.

You could also make use of recyclable materials for your customized tee. By doing so, you are marketing yourself as a company that is conscious about the environment’s health. Your company will likely be more patronized than your competitors. Reason being is that your customers will have greater trust in your brand image. Customers are also willing to pay more for a product if they know a portion is going towards helping the environment!

So what are you waiting for? Contact ODM today to design your very own customized tee! Hurry allow us to help kick start your very own marketing campaign!