Bus advertising is a great way to increase brand visibility! With such a highly visible campaign, offering an innovative promotional product would be a great way to attract more attention. In addition, promotional products have an ever-staying power that continues to remind people of your brand. So even after the advertising campaign has ended people will still remember it for as long as the promotional product continues to advertise your brand. Therefore, ODM would like to introduce the following custom promos to boost your bus advertising campaign!

Innovative Custom Promos for Bus Advertising

Innovative Custom Promos for Bus Advertising

Innovative Custom Promos for Bus Advertising


First of all, bookends have both a high utility value and ornamental value. It can be made of metal, acrylic, wood or any other suitable material. They are place at either end of a row of books to prevent it from falling over. On top of that, when incorporated with an actual bus advertisement they will make a great home décor that also advertises your brand at the same time.

Bus Advertising - Bookends Custom Promos

Bus Advertising – Bookends Custom Promos

Luggage tag

The second product is a luggage tag that is shape like a bus. Luggage tags are easy to customize. They may be rectangular at times or even customized into various shape like a bus or tram shape. Different types of material could also be utilized. Namely material like PVC, rubber, synthetic or genuine leather. Luggage tag also works well with any printing method like embossed, silk screen, heat transfer and etc. This custom promo is a great giveaway for industries like the service line, food and beverage, hotel and retail. Imprinted with your logo, they will be a great advertising tool that advertises your brand whenever customers use it for travelling purposes.

Bus Advertising - Luggage Tag Custom promos

Bus Advertising – Luggage Tag Custom promos

Shoe bag

The last product is a shoe bag that is printed with a bus advertisement. Shoe bags are great custom promos as you can customized it in any preferred shape or material you want. By customizing it into a bus shape, you are showcasing how your business is different from others. Thus, you could use it as a unique selling point to market and sell your product and services!!

Bus Advertising - Shoe bag Custom Promos

Bus Advertising – Shoe bag Custom Promos

Offering a custom promo is an effective technique to put you in touch with prospective clients. It provides them with an easy way to become familiar with your brand and through which becomes the start of a business relationship. These custom promos also create an immediate link that enables customers to relate it to any of your current or past advertising campaign. Moreover, it also works equally well for any tram advertising.

USB stick - Bus Advertising

USB stick – Bus Advertising

Alternatively, you could also offer a USB stick that is shape like a bus. USB sticks are quite a popular promotional giveaway thus it would definitely help to attract customers and sales! On top of that, this bus USB stick is highly customizable. Companies can customized it with any of their existing bus advertisement artwork. In a way, it would help to advertise your bus advertising campaign as well as your company name! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and try them today!

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