What is more iconic in the UK than the London Bus? There is not much more that stands out as a beacon of UK culture. With Custom Buses, used to highlight your business and brand you can target a specific group of spenders, tourists.


London Custom Buses to Increase Exposure

London Custom Buses to Increase Exposure

Branding a icon like London buses is great for targeting tourists as it is just the kind of toy a tourist would buy. This can increase your brand exposure and have untold benefits to your business as a whole through this specific marketable targeting. Tourists are known to spend a lot when they are on holiday, and they often are not as aware of brands as natives to a country. This poses another benefit to branding a toy London bus. It is exposing your brand to a group that is ill aware of competitors, and that tend to spend a lot of money on their travels. The perfect segment and a great custom product.

Custom london bus 2

The benefits to your business for using something like London Custom Buses

  • Brand exposure – As highlighted this is a great way of exposing your brand in the UK as it is an Icon of the capital
  • Specifically targeting your market – If your looking to target tourists, this is the perfect custom product, as is it exactly the kind of product a tourist would take in a giveaway or another promotional campaign
  • Customization – The ability to customize these London Custom Buses means they can be tailored to your business, and not just an ordinary bus.
  • Cultural Identity – Using a beacon of culture like these buses shows cultural awareness for the country, the same logic can be applied for products of cultural significance to be used in other countries with various products to be branded and customized.

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In addition ODM has experience with marketing bus products. Other useful products include USB sticks, Bookends and Luggage tags. All of which compliment a bus advertising campaign. If you need to learn more on bus advertising campaigns you can find information from the following bus advertising services:

 What more could you need for a bus advertising campaign, promotional gifts a can compliment campaigns like this and extend the marketing reach of your business!