Having a customised sport kit means your team looks fresh and stands out on the pitch. As well as promotional products, did you know ODM designs and sources pretty much any sports kit?

Customised Sport Kit Design

Customised sport kit design – Everything you need to know

Designing your customised sport kit

When designing a custom sport kit there are lots of possibilities.  Therefore, it is important for you to follow a few basic steps to get the perfect result.

  • Choosing the right material – Firstly, It is important to select the right material when designing your kit. It is important for the material to be breathable and flexible so it does not restrict movement.
  • Getting a good design – You can take inspiration from the kits of your favourite club or team such as Manchester United or Chicago Bulls.  From there you need to work with your clubs branding requirements to match those of its sponsors.   If you don’t want to do this in-house, our Mindsparkz team can help you create a custom design.
  • Off the pitch – No team kit is complete without training jackets, coats and accessories. In addition to your main kit, we can source and design a wide range of garments for your team to wear off the pitch. We can also source accessories such a scarfs, as well as training jackets for you to sell at games.
Customised Sport Kit Design

Customised sport kit design – Everything you need to know

What makes a good customised sport kit?

Below are a few pointers for some of the most popular sports. Following these recommendations will help design and manufacture your kit to a high standard.

  • Soccer – Polyester is the material used to make most soccer kits. This fabric is breathable, therefore any moisture dries quickly. Available in many different colours and lightweight, polyester is a very popular material choice. This means your kit can be highly customised.
  • Basketball – Basketball jerseys need to be moisture resistant and lightweight.  is a fast paced game therefore, essential that uniform is durable, flexible and loose fitting.
  • Hockey – As with Basketball, hockey uniforms are lightweight and durable so that they do not restrict players movement. Selecting the correct material ensures the uniform is versatile. The team kit needs to be flexible as teams have complex designs and patterns printed on the jerseys.
  • Baseball – Baseball players do multiple roles during a game. Therefore, it is essential that uniform is flexible. Players frequently slide along the ground therefore baseball kits need to be durable and moisture resistant.

Customised sport kit design – Everything you need to know

We have given you a breakdown on some of the most popular sports kits we customise for our clients. There are however endless possibilities when you are designing your customised sports kit. Here at ODM we have a lot of experience in delivering high quality design work to our clients. Why not contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.

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