What are the most on trend branded beach promos this summer? ODM like the branded Spikeball game. It’s the perfect promotional product for companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors. This game is a great promotional gift for your customers – use it as a high end competition prize or use them at events. Can be used for a long time and will make sure your logo stays center of attention.

branded beach promos

branded beach promos

How to play Spikeball?

Spikeball is a hybrid between four square and volleyball. Players line up next to each other against the Spikeball net and the other team lines up across from them. The motive of the game is to hit the ball against the net so the other team cannot return the ball, or return the ball to the net. However, the play ends when the ball does not return to the net properly. The server must not spike, hit hard or intentionally hit soft. But after the server serves, then the other teammates can hit however they want. In addition, each team can only touch the ball up to three times. Same player must not hit the ball two times in a row.

Branded Beach Promos: Target Market

Commonly seen at the beach, lake, and outdoor parties. A great way for customers to see company logos or different company names. In addition, the target market for Spikeball is active, outdoorsy- men and women ages 14 to 35. This game is especially popular on college campuses. It is an official club sport at some colleges. Colleges like Texas A&M, Clemson, and a few others all have teams. Furthermore, this game is geared towards people that live active lifestyles. It is an exhilarating game, which helps differentiate from the other outdoor/lawn games.

Why get branded beach promos?

Customers- Receive a branding beach promo as a free GWP or as a promotional gift. Not only would it attract the current costumers, but also potential costumers. In fact, it creates a stronger customer to business relationship.

This blog talks about conumers earning “miles” and can gain goodies/rewards at a loyalty store. This type of point system shows the customers that you care about them and are loyal to them.

Brand Recognition– The Spikeball game has many surfaces to brand your company. On the surface of the trampoline, the balls and the bag that the balls come in.

This game below is great for branding because companies can brand on the board or on the bean bag tosses. Furthermore, its a great conversation starter between people. Questions about the company can arise because people are looking at the game.

Social Media– Spikeball uses the #join the movement, which is a campaign to reach consumers. Customers/fans of this product has given the game more recognition. Furthermore, Spikeball posts photos of their fans/customers on their social media site. Companies could do this type of marketing strategy to gain customers and maintain customer loyalty.

This is a blog talking about why companies should be present on social media. Social media helps customers both domestically and internationally gain recognition of your brand. Moreover, social media is a great way to promote products, especially this branded beach product.