Chupa Chups On Pack Mug Promo...

Following our previous post on Chupa Chups Red Packets, ODM spotted another on pack promo at 7 eleven stores in Hong Kong.

Simply purchase Chupa Chups promotional pack and one could get a uniquely designed mug for free! We love the usage of colours on this promotional gift, attracting the attention of both the young and old. Printing designs like this presents exclusivity and adds value to the product, encouraging customers to purchase this brand of sweet instead. With this promotional item, it adds on to the kitchen inventory that could be used everyday. By branding your logo on it reminds consumers of your brand too.

Promotional products like this allows much room for marketing and advertising, be it conveying a message or customizing it into different shapes and sizes. Note that the On pack packaging also matches the colour of the gift as well, perfect blending of colours!

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